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thai new year songkran

Celebrate the Thai New Year with Free & Easy Traveler’s Songkran tour. The Songkran celebration is effectively a giant, 3-day long water fight in aid of seeing in the traditional Thai New Year. Held in April, the festivities take to the streets to throw or sprinkle water and it’s sure to be one of the most unique cultural events you’ll ever attend. Book now with our exclusive promo code for a 10% discount!

The tour involves a 10-day trip that coincides with the East Asian festival and begins in the historical city of Chiang Mai. The city is famed for its cultural significance reflected in some 300 temples that dominate the landscape and the city’s horizon. Chiang Mai is also known for going all out for this sacred ceremony, making it the ultimate spot to experience the festivities in full swing. Whilst in Chiang Mai, the Free & Easy tour also makes the most of the city’s incredible street food scene. Try the local delicacies and delicious Thai cooking that is world renowned for its zesty, spicy cuisine. The city also boasts an incredible night-time bazaar that sells an abundance of handicrafts and artwork. The night bazaar extends across several city blocks along narrow footpaths, over temple grounds and sprawls out onto packed, lively squares.

thai new year jungle

After the New Year celebrations are over, the Free & Easy tour retreats from the hustle and bustle of the city and disappears from the metropolis on a 3-day adventure taking you through dense tropical jungle and past fascinating hill tribe villages north of Chiang Mai. Hiking through the lush, green jungles of Northern Thailand is an incredible experience not to be missed, and your group will get back to basics experiencing everything from muddy paths that weave through thick vegetation and past incredible thunderous waterfalls that make for cool, refreshing dips. You’ll also observe the East Asian elephants in their natural habitat and there is even the opportunity to ride and bath them! At night, the tour camps out in tribal villages which is well and truly a once in a lifetime experience as you sleep in a communal hut and dine with the locals.

The trip begins and ends in Bangkok, so it’s the perfect gateway to connect to other Free & Easy trips. Most people add this trip as an extension to our 20 or 40 day Thailand trip. It can also be added on to any of our other adventures in Asia. If not connecting, then it’s perfect to have the one epic night and experience the buzzing capital that is Bangkok!

While this trip is packed to the brim with epic activities and things to do, Free & Easy stays true to their backpacker ethos of independence and spontaneity as key to the ultimate travelling adventure, and make sure there are still lots of opportunities for travellers to go off and do their own thing should they so choose!

Normally USD$600pp, use promo code BBML10 when registering for 10% off the trip!

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