Shark Attack Shelly Beach New South Wales Today 15 August 2020

Shark attack Shelly Beach NSW

Shark Attack Shelly Beach New South Wales Today 15 August 2020

Great white Shark Australia

A woman Wa attached by a shark today Saturday 15 August 2020 by a Shark in Shelly Beach near Port Macquarie NSW. She was mauled by a shark and suffered severe leg injuries.

she was tended to by a team on the Westpac Helicopter and taken to hospital in Port Macquarie where the woman’s condition is thought to be stable.

This is the third attack in the last few months

Backpackers are warned to take care and minimize risk

Here are some useful tips for tourists and backpackers and locals alike on how to avoid shark attacks.

  1. Swim at beaches patrolled by surf lifesavers
  2. Wear bland, darker colors if possible.
  3. Dangerous sharks commonly gather in some areas.
  4. Do not swim or carry out other recreational activity alone.
  5. Do not swim in waters which are on clear and give you good visibility.
  6. If unsure check with the surf Guards

List of Shark Attacks in Australia

The majority of shark attacks have been by White Sharks, there have also been attacks by tiger sharks and in some case packs of sharks have attacked people whilst they were swimming

One of the earliest shark attacks on record was in 1791 when an aboriginal woman was attacked and bitten in half at Port Jackson




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