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For most people moving to Australia, the bit that they will inevitably put off until the last minute is working out how the heck they’re going to transport all their stuff to Oz. The idea of putting every single item you own in a box is a pretty excruciating one. That’s why Seven Seas Worldwide are on hand to make it as effortless as possible.

The thing about Seven Seas Worldwide is they’ve been in this business for nearly two decades and as a result, they know what works and what doesn’t. They’re the experts who, thanks to years of research and experience, can now provide a system so simple and streamlined that moving day will feel like a walk in the park. Just about.

Seven Seas Worldwide have depots throughout Australia to handle deliveries, pickups and storage, covering all major cities including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. They’ve had a major presence in Australia since the early days of the company and continue to grow thanks to the rolling out of new services such as The MoveCube®, a shipping container on a trailer that is brought directly to your home for loading and unloading.


Shipping To Australia – MoveCube®

Seven Seas Worldwide are very proud of their MoveCube® service because it not only reduces the effort required of the customer but it also provides a revolutionary approach to removals that’s wiping out the competition Down Under!

The MoveCube® comes in three sizes and is designed for international and domestic moves. It works like this: A Seven Seas Worldwide driver will bring one MoveCube® (or more) to your door and leave it with you so you can fill it to your required specifications. The Seven Seas Worldwide driver will then return later that day to pick it up to take it to its final destination. As shipping processes go, it couldn’t be simpler.

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