How to Move Your Belongings to Oz in One Piece

off to actually ship your items to Australia from the UK.

You can’t take it all with you, can you? So what are you going to do when it comes to shipping your stuff to Australia?

Well, there are lots of shipping companies and courier companies that will take personal belongings and household items and transport them wherever you wish.

The trick is knowing which one to choose. Now without wanting to sound too biased, the Seven Seas Worldwide Group offers a range of services tailored to suit the needs of different clients, making it the perfect choice for anyone moving from the UK to Australia. Mmm, that did sound a bit biased didn’t it? Oh well. More about us later.

Before you decide which company to use, it’s important to make a note, mental or otherwise, of all items you intend to take because of all the customs officials in the world you don’t want to provoke it’s the Australians. Guarantee that everything you label for Oz will not contravene any Australian customs laws. Any items you wish to send to Australia that are less than twelve months old could be subject to tax and duty. All information is online, so there’s no excuse.

If you have no option but to send a restricted item, it must be declared at the time of entry into the country. Prohibited items such as narcotics, weapons and any product which derived from an endangered species may be seized and destroyed.

Australia is the strictest when it comes to preserving the country’s environmental balance; a lot of outdoor furniture for instance will be inspected by the Quarantine & Inspection Service (AQIS) to ensure it is free of dirt and any pests which may live inside the wood. Products derived from animals such as butter, eggs, milk and meat will almost certainly be rejected due to risk of contamination. But hey if you’re packing butter and eggs in your suitcase, you may want to stop for a moment and consider whether Australia sells those things too.

Once you have established that your consignment will do little to upset the ecological order of the antipodean landscape, it’s time to decide who is best equipped to transfer your belongings from A to B. And, to put no finer point on it, that would be us. We offer new and innovative ways of collecting, storing and delivering your items at a price that won’t break the bank. Plus the Seven Seas Worldwide Group will be there at the beginning, middle and end of your journey, so you can be sure your items won’t be lost to some unidentifiable third party.

Check out our brilliant MoveCube ® service, operating in the UK and Australia, which will collect, store and deliver your personal belongings via a mini shipping container inside a trailer that we bring direct to your home for loading! For more information, visit the website and get a quote today.

For more information on shipping to or from Australia visit for more tips and help with shipping.

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