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Over the years, bridal accessories have acquired a new meaning. No longer are the sparkle and lustre on the forefront. Whether it’s an engagement band to mark the proposal, an eternity ring to commemorate long-lasting union, or a pendant surprise for Valentine’s day, modern couples crave symbolism. A ring shall convey sincere feelings and express gratitude for a partner’s contribution to one’s life.

Selecting a seamless band or an intriguing bracelet can be time-consuming and a bit daunting. Meandering for hours and hours among the countless stalls in the hope to stumble upon the ideal gift is not for faint-hearted. But don’t let the nerves get the best of you. We’ve got a simple solution. Look through our compilation of Australia’s best jewellery shops and save yourself tons of time. Each brand has something to offer, let’s explore:

GS Diamonds. Because Feelings Matter

GS Diamonds is a family-run business founded by an enthusiastic young couple. Thirty years ago, Julia and Tony opened the doors to their first clients and presented unique collections of precious stones. They’ve borrowed leading European practises from the finest jewellers and integrated cutting edge technology into manufacturing processes. Little by little and the aspiring idea made its way into reality. The couple is now the proud owner of two GS Diamonds jewellery stores located in Brisbane and Sydney. Visit their showrooms and dive into a scintillating brilliance.

What differentiates GS Diamonds from the competitors is their customer-oriented approach. There are hundreds of bands for every taste, for bold dressers and conservatives alike. Personalised engagement rings, glittering romantic pendants and wedding sets for him and her – this doesn’t even begin to describe the rich selection. If you wish to come up with the ring design on your own, there is a “craft your band” feature. All you have to do is contact the shop, voice your preferences to an artisan and approve his sketch. Easy as one-two-three.

If you’d rather shop online, you are in luck. GS’ website features movable photos with detailed descriptions. Plus, all diamond online in the assortment come with the world’s renowned GIA certificate that ensures multi-faceted quality and cut precision.

Jewellery is the reflection of one’s soul. It only follows that you’d want your gift to be thoughtful and intimate. At GS Diamonds, tradition and family values are everything. So, come by, and see for yourself!

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Tiffany & Co. Blink of Happiness Packed in a Tiny Box

The brand Tiffany and Co is on everybody’s lips. It lures clients in with glamour, elegance and style. Tiffany’s experts are trendsetters of the jewellery industry; they create progressive designs and cater to the needs of modernity. Their signature accessories are worn by celebrities like Taylor Joy, JAY-Z, Beyonce to major-league Holywood events.

Tiffany’s trademark is universality. Their products, be it peculiarly shaped minimalistic bands or bold golden cuffs, match any age and status. Furthermore, one can’t resist the fascinating presentation. Neat box with a delicate blueish ribbon, catching headlines and enticing collections names: About Love, Date Night, Know Your Typical City- all these factors contribute to sky-high popularity.

The company manages to adjust to the latest environmental-friendly policies. In 2017 they launched Save the Wild collection, and all the profits were donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network. They also purchase raw diamonds from ethical sources and don’t sponsor conflicting parties.

Thus, Tiffany & Co ring is a real catch. It shows your partner just how much you love and value them. The only downside of unparalleled quality and fame is exorbitant prices. If you want to put some money aside, it is better to consider other options.

Larsen. A Passion-Driven Company

Larsen is the third whale of the jewellery world in Australia. If you have ever experienced any interest in diamonds, chances are you’ve heard about this brand too. In the beginning, Larsen was a small but promising project of two newlyweds. Over the years, it grew exponentially and took its rightful place at the top. In 2020 Larsen was featured in highly esteemed Vogue, News and Channel 10 journals.

What makes the company stand out? Several reasons, we’d say, with the most striking one being transparent policy. The company builds trusting relations with the customers. You can meet all the artisans and designers in person or read about their expertise on the website. No more faceless workers behind your jewel. You know for sure your ring is in reliable hands.

Irrespective of the increasing demand, Larsen continue to apply their guiding principle: spectacular stones are presented for agreeable prices. Recently the store introduced a line of rings made in alternative metals(titanium, zirconium and mokume), which are a perfect fit for price-conscious buyers.

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Diamond Exchange – for Those Who Like to Be in Charge

You can buy a customised ring on many websites, but Diamond Exchange decided to take things to the next level. With their service, you can order tailored earrings and necklaces and forge a matching ensemble for your beloved. Imagine how thrilled she would be to get a complete set. She could put it on for dinner in a high-end restaurant or a visit to a theatre. Every lady secretly dreams of jewellery she could wear with a stunning dress on special nights. Plus, necklace and earrings make up an excellent present for an anniversary, birthday and other fests.

Midas Jewellery. Don’t Pay for the Name, Pay for Remarkableness

Midas specialise in unconventional, surprising pieces of jewellery. They display authentically designed engagement, wedding and cocktail bands for diverse occasions.

Engagement rings with coloured diamonds and magnificent gems like Ruby, Topaz, and Emerald are among the fan favourites. A beautifully combined rainbow ensemble will make your gift one-of-a-kind and let your partner shine to their brightest.

For the admirers of the mysterious sea theme, there are a few items with different pearls. Nonetheless, you’d have to be cautious with those since precious stones can dissolve in water.

If your spouse is a religious person, check out Midas’ dainty line of cross pendants- a true tribute to her faith.

Photo by Esther Tuttle on Unsplash

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