Shore Excursions You Can´t Miss In The British Isles

Shore Excursions You Can´t Miss In The British Isles

The British Isles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world that encompasses Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. It is among the most charming places that has a huge number of ancient castles and famous historical monuments.

As a destination it is nestling wide range of natural and man-made landmarks. From the best beaches in Europe to picturesque villages tucked away in hillsides; from zoos that feature wild animals from all over the world, to art galleries showcasing some of the best collections of sculpture, gold leaf and stone. Britain and Ireland are ranked as one of the healthiest destinations for tourism in the world.

When as a traveler you choose to cruise to the British Isles, there are a number of amazing attractions that you can experience while soaking in its beauty and charm.

The Old Man of Hoy- Paradise in Scotland

The dramatic cliffs of the Old Man of Hoy, Scotland are one of the most iconic sceneries in the UK. The landmark is one of the most famous tourist features in this area and if you are a climber, this might be a fun challenge too. 

With great views to both north and south it offers some outstanding climbing routes that take in some very steep climbs, scrambling up rocks and even via sea caves. This makes for an excellent challenge when combined with your other outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing or kayaking.

Dunraven Bay, South Glamorgan – Gem of Wales

One of the most famous attractions in Wales, Dunraven Bay is a popular destination for swimmers and surfers. The beach is home to some of the finest views in Wales, with sandstone rocks providing a spectacular backdrop.

Located in Southern down village, it is designated as a Heritage Coast site and features an attractive coastal route just on the edge, offering spectacular panoramic views of beaches and estuaries.


Travel to Whitby, England and experience one of the most delightful host communities within the UK. This fishing village is famous for its 16th-century ruins of the medieval monastery, as well as its pier, which was once home to many famous pirates.

On the beach side of town, you’ll find a row of shops and cafes; on the other side of town is where the famous ruins from the 12th century abbey are located. You can also explore John Fahey’s shipyard which has been used in films such as Lord of The Rings. It is also a popular destination for walking, hiking and cycling.

Blackpool, England

Blackpool, England is the eighth most popular seaside resort in the UK and is a holiday mecca for both young and old alike. The historic city lies on the Fylde coastline just north of the county’s famous ‘Golden Mile’, and has been commercially developing since 1846. Blackpool has become an accessible seaside destination due to its railway connections and today it attracts approximately 5.7 million visitors each year with many flocking to enjoy its beautiful beaches.