Single Review: Talk In Colour – The Cell

Talk In Colour The Cell

Sometimes you can hear a song for the first time and it has the ability to feel familiar. That’s not to say it’s a cheap imitation or rewrite of a song previously heard; instead, it’s more of a nostalgic meander down memory lane. A song that is able to lift you out of your current time and place and lead you into your own head, where long-forgotten memories are called to mind by the tune you’re currently experiencing. Talk In Colour’s atmospheric new track ‘The Cell’ is one of those songs.

Showcasing the band’s self-proclaimed sound of cinematic future pop to perfection, The Cell is a four-minute-twenty-one-second melody sure to place you in a dreamlike state as it takes you on a journey through the senses. Not only a pleasure to the ears, the single also occupies the mind as it triggers visuals to accompany the graceful, soothing sounds floating through your psyche.

After the 2012 critically-acclaimed debut release of ColliderScope – released through NightCabin Records – The Cell bestows the much more authentic, raw sound that Talk In Colour rep nowadays; juxtaposing their trademark gentle vocals and melodic harp scores against purposefully-defective electronics and distorted instrumental backings.

Pioneering their way through the everyday rubble, the London-based quintet provide a radical concoction of sounds, incorporating elements of Electronica, Post-Dubstep, Jazz, Folk and Indie into their mixes in a way that’s hard to compare to anything heard before. Their fresh new track does superbly to cement this new sound, highlighting the beautifully haunting vocals of Mary Erskine, the group’s vocalist and keyboard player, as they drift dreamily through the atmospheric instrumental accompaniments.

Providing a large dose of sentimental feels, The Cell ushers you along on a purely enjoyable sonic jaunt; accommodating both uplifting yet also rather dark elements as it journeys through your soul, exploring long-forgotten memories and recalling them as if playing a montage of memorabilia in the mind.

With the single not set for official release until April 20th, click below to give the track a preview:

By Chelsea Forsyth