Single Review: The Horrors ‘I See You’

Single Review The Horrors I See You

Experimental Indie-Rock and Grunge fellows with the fantastic hair The Horrors give a sneak peek into their fourth album, ‘Luminous,’ with the single ‘I See You’.

With their newer recordings The Horrors will be turning more towards the danceable it seems. ‘I See You’, remains in their usual realms of experimentation and psychedelic. Yet, with more use of electronic sounds and synth, they step into unchartered territories.

“I can see your future…” sings lead Faris Badwan in his usual deep and seductive manner, “And all the things you might do, all the things you’d like to.” Well Faris, with a voice that handsome we’d like to stroke your hair and ask you to whip out your crystal ball.

The outro perhaps sees The Horrors at their most atmospheric yet, as a whirlwind of noise almost takes off like a rocket.

‘I See You’ is out now on XL recordings.