Slots Gallery Australia Terms and Conditions

Slots Gallery Australia: Rules and Regulations

Slots Gallery Slots Casino presents users with an excellent gaming experience that will secure your stay on the gaming platform. The terms and conditions created and presented on the site regulate the contractual relationship between the Player and Slots Gallery. It is important to familiarize yourself with them to understand the clear process of regulating the relationship. When initially registering, each user checks the box that he is familiar with the rules and regulations of the site. By creating an account on our website and placing bets, you acknowledge that you have read the full version of these Slots Gallery Terms and Conditions and by using the services we provide, you agree to abide by them.

Liability of Parties

Slots Gallery is not responsible for the full or complete publication of these Terms and Conditions of Use on third party websites. Studying the full official version of Slots Gallery Terms and Conditions is necessary in order to use the services of the site in the correct form.

A list of some important rules

So if you wish to become an active user of Slots Gallery Services, you must be aware in advance of some of the rules and regulations of the site:

  • Each Customer’s account is created for personal use only;
  • The gaming account may not be used for commercial purposes;
  • The platform is not personally responsible for any access to the account by unauthorized users.

Thus, due to the misuse of the password by any player for unauthorized access to the profile, the platform is not responsible for any damage caused to the player.

Slots Gallery Casino account rules

Along with the gaming experience that the casino offers to all Australian users, it also offers simple and straightforward rules that act as a regulator of the user relationship. Usually any casino offers a set of rules and regulations that must be followed by each user to participate in casino games:

  • Only one account per customer is allowed;
  • You may not create more than one personal account, including under a false name, or provide your personal information to a third party;
  • All funds in the Account will be forfeited to Slots Gallery as a penalty if the Customer violates any rule of the Terms and Conditions;
  • The Customer who created the Account is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the Account;
  • Slots Gallery may at any time and in its sole discretion require Customer to provide any information to verify the legitimacy of an account;
  • Any activity by the Customer on a website owned by Slots Gallery prior to the completion of the initial registration verification may be unilaterally terminated by the betting company.

How to bet in Slots Gallery?

In order to place bets at Slots Gallery Casino, you need to familiarize yourself with the site rules, which we discussed partially above. Actually, there are no strict frameworks or standards here that are impossible for users to meet. Everything is standard and within the framework of legal norms. If you want to create a personal account, then familiarizing yourself with the details described above will be enough for you to proceed with correct and secure registration. To register, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the Slots Gallery casino;
  2. Please provide your current information in the registration field. Provide an active email address, create a password, provide a mobile phone number;
  3. Read the full list of rules and regulations of the casino, and be sure to check the box to familiarize yourself with them;
  4. Check that the entered data is correct and complete registration.

Deposit rules at Slots Gallery

Deposit is available only through the use of payment accounts belonging to the Client, which are registered in the Client’s name. In any other cases the Client has the right to reject all payments from third party payment accounts. If the casino notices any fraudulent replenishment of an account for the purpose of commercial earnings, such an account is automatically subject to blocking. If frequent payment cancellations occur, this is also monitored and subject to secondary verification. To make a deposit you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Carefully study the minimum limits for proposed transactions;
  • Do not exceed established limits;
  • Calculate and replenish the account only with those amounts of money that are personal to the client, and not borrowed.

Withdrawal rules at Slots Gallery

If you want to withdraw winnings from your personal account, this is permissible in any convenient way provided in the “Withdrawal of Funds” section of the official website, at the time of payment, observing all the conditions of the Slots Gallery. It is unacceptable to use a game account in fraudulent or other money laundering methods. In order to withdraw bonus funds, you must meet the wagering requirements. The account should not be used as a money exchange service. In order to withdraw your winnings correctly and safely, you must follow some rules:

  • Be sure to study the full list of all payment transactions and their limits and possible commissions;
  • Do not exceed established transaction limits;
  • Use withdrawals and games in general as a gaming experience but not as the main way to earn money;
  • To withdraw bonus funds, you must follow the wagering rules for the bonus and only then withdraw it to your personal accounts;
  • It is not possible to withdraw winnings using third party accounts.

Safe part of regulation’s rules at Slots Gallery

Slots Gallery uses various methods to protect users’ personal information from third parties. Methods such as state-of-the-art 256-bit SSL data encryption, the latest security protocols and the latest software are used to prevent the loss of user data. With regard to the confidentiality of the Client’s personal data, Slots Gallery complies with all standards. The user is also responsible for the security of his user data. All information provided by the user on the site is considered confidential, and therefore the user should not disclose it to third parties or share his credentials with other participants in the gaming process.