Soccer Mommy Release “color theory”

Soccer Mommy Release

Soccer Mommy Release “color theory”. Today, Soccer Mommy—twenty-two-year-old Sophie Allison—releases her triumphant and highly-anticipated sophomore album, color theory via Loma Vista Recordings / Caroline Australia. Confronting the ongoing mental health and familial trials that have plagued Allison since pre-pubescence, color theory explores three central themes: blue, representing sadness and depression; yellow, symbolising physical and emotional illness; and finally, gray, representing darkness, emptiness and loss.

Sophie Allison on color theory:

“I want the record to feel like a relic from the past that’s been damaged and degraded with age, because it kind of represents the problems that i’ve developed as i’ve grown up, and how they’ve changed me. the album centers around three different sections that are signified by three colors: blue, yellow, and gray.

blue symbolizes sadness and depression. the songs in this section are bloodstream, circle the drain. royal screw up, and night swimming; these all represent different parts of sadness/depression. the next section yellow, which symbolizes sickness – both physical and mental. these songs are crawling in my skin, yellow is the color of my eyes, and up the walls. this section is about my anxiety, my mother’s terminal illness, paranoia, and how all of those things have affected my relationships with people. the third and final section is gray, which represents darkness, emptiness, and loss. these songs (lucy, stain, and gray light) are about a fear of death, inner demons, and trauma.

color theory circles around these main three themes, but it is also about youth and aging, and how these problems develop and affect you as you grow up.”

In the week leading to album release, Allison played at a Bernie Sanders rally, shared one final song off of the record (album opener “bloodstream,” alongside a Bella Clark-animated video) and even made her late-night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Soccer Mommy has been touring non-stop for the past few years, opening for the likes of Kacey Musgraves, Vampire Weekend, Paramore, Wilco and Liz Phair, selling out countless headline shows, making her festival debuts at Coachella, Governor’s Ball and Primavera Sound. She recently announced a huge international tour, starting in a few weeks in North America and stopping at some of the biggest venues Allison has ever headlined, including New York’s Brooklyn Steel and Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre.

Written mostly while on tour and recorded in Allison’s hometown of Nashville at Alex The Great, color theory was produced by Gabe Wax (who also produced Clean), mixed by Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta, HEALTH, St. Vincent), and features the live Soccer Mommy band on studio recording for the first time, with a live take at the foundation of almost every track. The resulting album is a masterpiece that paints an uncompromisingly honest self-portrait of an artist who, according to 100+ publications, already released one of the Best Albums of 2018 and the 2010s, and is about to release an early favourite of 2020.

Wise beyond her years, Allison is a songwriter capable of capturing the fleeting moments of bliss that make an embattled existence temporarily beautiful. With color theory, Allison’s fraught past becomes a lens through which we might begin to understand what it means to be resilient.

color theory investigates a traumatic past in exacting detail; in doing so, Allison finds inroads for healing through self-acceptance, and occasionally, humour. This isn’t a quest to uncover some long-since forgotten happiness so much as it is an effort to stare-down the turmoil of adolescence that can haunt a person well into adulthood. Allison is a gifted storyteller, one who is able to take personal experience and project it to a universal scale. On color theory, she beckons in outsiders, rejects, and anyone who has ever felt desperately alone in this world, lending them a place to unburden themselves and be momentarily free. Soccer Mommy release “color theory”

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