Do You Need A Social Security Card If You’re Living In The USA?

There’s no doubt moving to America has become extremely popular with Australians and those of who have worked in Australia. But do we know anything about social security? Social security card has become part and parcel of life for the citizens of the United States. The primary purpose of the card was to track individual beneficiaries for the social security program. To avoid any identity theft, the social security number needs to be safeguarded and must not be disclosed in public. You must not disclose your social security number to anyone, except banking officials, employers, and credit card companies.
Social Security Card:
It is one of the most important government documents which can assist you in identifying yourself to the government officials. The procedure to obtain a social security card is quite simple. You will have to apply online by filling out a form known as ss-5 form. And submit it along with two documents that can help the social security administration to verify your identity and citizenship.
Types Of Social Security Cards:

There are three types of social security cards. The general type of cards can be obtained by all United States citizens and permanent residence. And this card will have your name and a nine-digit social security number on the card.  One type of cards means that the holder ‘is not eligible for employment.’ And this card cannot be used as proof of work authorization. The other type of cards means that the holder of the card is ‘eligible for work only with DHS authorization.’ These types of social security cards are generally issued to people who have temporary work authorization in the United States.
Benefits Of A Social Security Card:
Social security program in other words known as financial benefit programs are the financial benefits that can be availed by all United States workers who contribute to social security. Generally, most workers in the United States rely heavily on the social security program. There are three main programs in the social security namely social security retirement benefits, social security disability benefits, and social security survivor benefits.
Social Security
Social Security Retirement Benefits:
When the time for retirement is about to come, the government will use the entire details registered under your social security card to scrutinize your contribution to social security, to calculate your social benefit payments.
Social Security Disability Benefits:
In case a worker meets with an accident during the workplace and becomes disabled or unable to work, the workers can apply for social security disability benefits and collect the same.
Social Security Survivor Benefits:
In case something goes wrong terribly and results in the death of a worker, his family can avail the social security survivor benefits.
Social Security America
Other Important Uses Of Social Security Card:

  • When you get hired, you will have to provide the social security card to your employer.
  • When opening an account in any financial organization in the United States, you will have to provide your social security card to your banking official.

While applying for any federal loan, you will have to provide your social security card.