Sponsored Jobs in Australia

Sponsored Jobs in Australia

What Are They And How Do You Get One?

A sponsored job comes about when an Australian employer sponsors an overseas candidate to come and work in Australia on either a temporary or a permanent basis. This is usually done for in demand roles that the employer is struggling to fill. Sponsored jobs do get a lot of applicants; this may be because expats want to secure a job in Australia before moving there. You can secure a sponsored job in 2 ways; either find a sponsor yourself or wait until a sponsor finds you.

Waiting for a sponsor to come to you is less work but could take slightly longer. You will need to enter your employment history and qualifications on an online database known as Skill Select. Employers can then view your details and get in touch if they have a position available that might interest you. You will have the most success with this if your job is considered in demand; this means that Australia currently doesn’t have enough people to fill these roles. The list currently includes teachers, managers, nurses, chemists and pharmacists amongst many others.

If you wish to look for a sponsor yourself then take the time to do some research on which companies you would like to work for and then send a professional resume in. If they currently don’t have any vacancies then it might be worth applying again after a few months. If it is possible then try to go to Australia to look around the companies you would like to work for and to meet possible employers. Do as much networking as possible as the more people that know your name and know that you are looking mean it is more likely to get something.

If you feel that you are not getting anywhere then consider volunteering for a few months as this could then lead to sponsorship. You could also go to Australia for a working holiday and meet people and network whilst you are there. The important thing is to remain positive, confident and professional and try not to be deterred if you don’t get sponsored straight away.