Sting And Stones


stingMELBOURNE and Sydney sure know how to draw out tedious arguments. The latest round of petty squabbles was started by the NSW events minister, who said Melbourne were welcome to a hand-me-down New Year’s Eve Sting gig should the city want to bathe in the reflected glory of Sydney.
Basically, Kevin Greene has decided to scrap the planned Sting gig because it wasn’t his baby; the event having been organised by his predecessor Ian McDonald with the help of a $300,000 taxpayer contribution.
“There’s enough going on in Sydney on New Year’s Eve for everyone, so if Melbourne wants some reflected glory by holding a Sting concert, then they can have it,” Greene said.
“Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are shown around the world. Melbourne’s NYE is seen by Melbourne.”
He then called Melbourne a ‘poo head’, added something about Sydney’s dad being better than Melbourne’s dad, then poked out his tongue and shouted ‘ya-boo sucks to you’.