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Oktoberfest. Also known as Okt-not-sober-fest. Also known as the best goddamn time of your life.

Every year in September hundreds of thousands of people gather in Bavaria for 16 days of eating, sleeping, raving and repeating. Starting on the 17th September and ending on the 3rd October, this insanely popular street festival brings buffoons from all over the world together to indulge in all things Bavarian: beer, bratwurst, boobs and bonding.

Like the sound of that? Want all of it and a little bit more?

Let me introduce you to a little thing called Stoketoberfest.

Stoke Travel’s Oktoberfest baby. Their own festival within the festival. They’ll keep you entertained with live DJs and bands, a live radio show and carnivalesque celebrations of all sorts. They’ll keep you full with delicious hearty breakfasts and dinners. If you pay €10 a day, they’ll chuck you unlimited amounts of beer and sangria from the open campsite bar. They’ll also set you up with a pre-erected tent, mattress and sleeping bag to keep you snug at night.


They’ve got buses coming from London, Prague, Italy, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Budapest, with guides onboard to get you fully prepped for your once-in-a-lifetime experience at Stoketoberfest 2016 (that you’ll want to repeat every year).

So get your lederhosens and dirndls ready and your beer sculling techniques perfected and book yourself in now!

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By Sophie Winter