Summer Heart Interview

Summer Heart Interview


David Alexander AKA Summer Heart has gathered a large underground following with his mellow vocals and dream pop vibes. Based in Sweden, Summer Heart Interview we get to know the man behind the hypnotic beats.

Hi David, how are you?
Hi, I’m doing fine thanks! I hope you are too?

Where in the world are you right now?
Right now I am in my flat in Malmö, Sweden.

Describe your sound to anyone that hasn’t heard you.
%6. Very simple Summer Heart Interview straightforward pop music with vocals, guitar, drum machines and some synths. And then a layer of dreaminess on top off that. That’s how it all sounds.

What made you want to start a music project?
It wasn’t that I wanted to really. I kind of had to. I love music and have always done. It wasn’t a conscious decision …

If you could compare your music to anyone else’s, who would you say it is most influenced by?
I am influenced by lots of music. Summer Heart Interview Some of the artists and bands that have inspired me to make music are The Raveonettes, Interpol, Paul Simon, The Beatles and so many others. I am not sure how or even if my music should be compared to those great artists!

Your music is gaining huge attention online with your Soundcloud hits reaching over 500,000. Did you expect to get such a good reaction from your music?
Haha. No, not at all actually. From the beginning I wasn’t even sure if to publish the music at all. I made it for my own pleasure and never thought anyone else would be interested in listening to it.

You had your music played on H&M’s campaign playlist and Fred Perry’s Subculture chose you as Artist Of The Month. How does that feel? Is that sort of recognition important to you?
Both yes and no. It is always very nice to get some recognition. It is a push forward and an inspiration to make new music. At the same time the more followers I get, the scarier it is to release new music even though I am trying to only do my thing.

Explain the production behind your music – what’s your process?
Everything is written, recorded and produced by me. It always starts with some small guitar part that I play over and over. Summer Heart Interview Then I create a drumbeat that feels right. To that point it is more or less always the same. Between there and the finished song I am not really sure what happens. I try to just go with the flow and if it feels right it is right. I have to have the right feeling all the way when making a tune. Otherwise I don’t finish it. I have hundreds of unfinished songs. The vocals are always the last bit in the process. I write a lot of poetry. Once I finish the musical bit I go through my poems to find something that feels right for the music. Then I use that for lyrics.

You release everything through your own label, Sommarhjärta; does this give you more control over your music?
Definitely. I can release whatever I want, whenever I want to. To start my own label is the best decision I’ve ever made! It keeps writing songs and releasing music fun!

What made you want to use the name Summer Heart/Sommarhjärta?
This music project was first known as Sommarhjärta, which is Swedish for Summer Heart. Once I got some international followers I decided to change the name to Summer Heart since that was more international. The label continued to operate under the name Sommarhjärta to keep the band and the label apart. But I don’t know why I chose the name to start with. It just felt right there and then.

How does it feel to be releasing your latest single ‘U Got All I’m Looking 4’ on 27th April?
It feels very good as always when it comes to releasing music. I am always very excited about it. I hope others are too!

Are there any artists that you would absolutely love to work with?
I would love to work with The Raveonettes. They are one of my favourite bands. I love their sound and their style. I think we could accomplish something great together!

Is there anyone interesting you’ve been working with recently?
I love to collaborate with my friends. At the moment I am working on some interesting stuff with my friends in Death in the Afternoon. Can’t wait to show it to the world!

‘U Got All I’m Looking 4’ embodies summer, so what are your plans for the European summer this year?
My plans are to do a couple of festival gigs and maybe a little bit of touring around Europe. Other than that I will hang out with friends and just having a good time in the sun. I am really looking forward to it!

What’s the nightlife like in Sweden, could you recommend any good clubs or bars to any of our readers visiting?
I guess it depends on what you are looking for. I am not that into going out dancing. I prefer hang out with friends in some small bar or just in someone’s flat having a good time listening to interesting music. But if you are in Malmö, the city where I live, you should go out grab a beer on some of the small bars around Möllan. I might be right there in the corner!

What new music have you been listening to recently?
I usually listen to tons of new stuff all the time. But funnily enough I have been listening to a great amount of older music recently. Lot’s of the old Michael Jackson stuff, and some Diana Ross as well.

What can we expect from you in the next year?
You can expect new music from me! I will release a full-length album later this year. And a little bit of touring and a couple of festival gigs. And my label will be releasing music from a couple of other very interesting acts as well!

Let’s get to know David a little better…
You’re on the beach, sand whipping at your ankles, inhaling the fresh sea breeze… what song is gently murmuring in the background?

That’s a hard one! Something by Paul Simon I think. From his 80s stuff.

You’re faced with the prospect of diverting a private jet to any city in the world, where is it?
Haha. Oh. That would have to be Paris. I just love that city.

Sneakers or shoes?
Shoes. Definitely!

Batman or Superman?
What about MacGyver?

Kylie or Dannii?
Who’s Dannii?

Thanks so much for your time!
Thank you!