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    SYDNEY TRAVEL GUIDE: Bounce Hostel Manager

    Bounce Sydney was voted ‘Best Hostel in Australia’ and ‘Most Popular Hostel in Sydney’ and for good reason. Quite simply, Bounce has managed to successfully stay at the forefront of the hostel market in Sydney with a unique rooftop, bar and amazing atmosphere that has backpackers and working holiday makers lining up to stay every day of the year. We caught up with Bounce Hostel Manager Diego to hear what it’s like to work for such an amazing hostel in Sydney.

    What’s your name and what do you do at Bounce? 

    My name is Diego and I am the General Manager at Bounce.

    What do you think has kept the hostel so appealing to international visitors? 

    We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and comfort, and we understand the social atmosphere of the hostel is of utmost importance also. The friendliness and inclusiveness of our staff members ensures this is the case which keeps our ratings at one of the highest in the country. This in turn keeps our hostel appealing to international visitors.

    What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened at the accommodation since you started?

    A very popular guest stayed with us last winter from the UK. He was the biggest fan of Tim Tams, and organized a Tim Tam eating contest between all the guests. The winner would win 20 packets of Tim Tams. This guest paid for and organized it completely by himself, and It was extremely funny to walk onto our rooftop to see this event take place without any knowledge of it happening! Incredibly funny, and heartwarming to see so many strangers come together to have a good laugh.

    What’s your favourite thing about living in Sydney?

    We are extremely lucky to live in such a fantastic city. Sydney offers incredible opportunities for those that are willing to work hard, as well as somewhere for people to vacation and rest. There are lots of awesome beaches, restaurants, bars, clubs, national parks and of course, people! It is also so great to constantly meet new people from every part of the world and from all sorts of different cultures.

    And your favourite thing about working in Sydney?

    Working in Sydney allows me to have a fantastic work life balance, and gives me opportunities to travel the world, due to good fair wages.

    What’s your top MUST do NSW destination or Day Trip from Sydney? 

    My must do trip has to be a morning stroll and picnic in the royal botanic gardens, which has great views of the city, Royal Opera House and the Sydney Harbour bridge. I would then jump on a ferry over to Manly and do the Manly to Shelley coastal walk all while soaking up the Aussie sun!

    What’s your favourite (non backpacker) bar/club/venue in Sydney and why?

    My favourite non backpacker venue is Palmer and Co. “ Your night at Palmer & Co. begins before you even arrive; walking down an alleyway, through a nondescript door, and underneath the city streets. From that point on you could be in another place and time and the atmosphere is electric, with our regular sets of live music setting the mood of refined debauchery.

    Black and white photographs line the walls and everywhere you look there are details that hark back to yesteryear. Our drinks focus is on cocktails and spirits but champagne comes in at a close third, with a wide selection to choose from.”

    What’s the best backpacker night?

    Mondays, Tuesday’s and Wednesdays are always the most popular here in Sydney. The most popular Backpacker bars and clubs seem to be Side Bar and The World bar!

    What’s the most popular day trip or activity that Bounce guests do?

    Blue Mountains Fay trips are by far the busiest day trips that our guests book at our travel desk. Similarly, the coastal walks Sydney offers is a very close second.

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