Nursing Jobs in Tasmania for Working Holiday Visa Holders

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Find Nursing Jobs in Tasmania for Working Holiday Visa Holders

Bower YNA

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Location:  Nation-wide placements

Working Holiday Visa

The Working Holiday Visa subclass 417 allows young people to have a unique holidaying experience in Australia while working for the short-term.  Generally, the age group considered for this visa is 18 – 30 years.  However, for Canadian, French and Irish citizens the age limit is up to 35 years.  Short term jobs to support their holiday are permitted under each of the three visas granted.

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Extension of the Working Holiday Visa

Extension of the Working Holiday Visa into its second or third visas, require you to engage in specified work.

Current Vacancies for Working Holiday Visa Holders in Tasmania

  • Nurses and Midwives

Employer:  Tasmanian State Service

Location:    Clinic 60 Hobart Sexual Health Services 

Clinic 34 Launceston Sexual Health Services 

Period of employment:  

  • Fixed-term, part-time, day work – 60.8 hours per fortnight commencing immediately.
  • Fixed-term, part-time, day work – 53.2 hours per fortnight commencing immediately. 

Individual who meets the following criteria is sought for this position;

  • Provide significant clinical nursing expertise
  • Case coordination
  • Nursing management
  • Education for clients/patients with viral hepatitis etc.
  • Registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia as a Registered Nurse
  • Pre-employment check on the following;
    • Conviction checks on crimes of violence, sex-related offences, serious drug offences and crimes involving dishonesty
    • Identification check
    • Disciplinary action in previous employment check

For more information, please contact;

Clinic A / Prof. Louise Owen

Director – State-wide Sexual Health Service


For more information, please visit;

  • Registered Nurses

Agency’s Name:  Bower Healthcare

Location:  Nation-wide placements

The agency is looking for registered nurses for placement in the best hospitals across Australia, including Tasmania.  Work as an Agency Registered Nurse and benefit from the free local accommodation or selected tours.

For more information on the Working Holiday packages of the agency, please visit;

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