Taz of Tasmania

Remember that Looney Tunes cartoon where Taz of Tasmania was a scrappling lunatic who would fly into whirlwind rages? Well, the animators were likely inspired by the savage nature of these little carnivorous marsupials that reside solely on the island state of Tasmania.
They ain’t called Devils for nothing! These snippy little carnivores like to hunt and scavenge in packs of up to 12 and work as a team when it comes to preying on wombats, possums and wallabies. They’re also not that big a creature, so teamwork is almost essential for survival. Due to the competition for food, these animals are fiercely protective of their food and let out blood-curdling screams whilst eating (hell beast or what?!). They also bite at each others faces to the point of drawing blood all in the name of being very hangry!
When it comes to mating, Tasmanian Devils also make a violent act of it with males fighting over females and whichever one succeeds, he drags the female back to a den by the scruff of the neck to mate. Sounds stoneage right? The male then also has to defend his female for 21 days whilst she is pregnant to stop other males trying to mate with her.
Just to add to the hellish like qualities of these devils, the mother then births between 40-50 babies who have to compete for her 4 teets – a cruel twist of fate – meaning these guys are born fighting!
Unfortunately for these seemingly stone age creatures, they are now endangered due to a deadly facial cancer wiping out as many as 70% of Tasmanian Devils. However, you can still see disease free populations whilst visiting Tasmania or visit the Tasmanian Devil Wildlife Sanctuary whilst on an overland tour of the island.
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