Tech Essentials That’ll Maximize Your Travel Experience

Tech Essentials That'll Maximize Your Travel Experience

Traveling is a great way to explore different places and have fun and relax. However, what isn’t fun is not being prepared while on your travels and flights and finding that you are missing a great deal of devices and items that you couldn’t take with you, as to not weigh you down.  Recently, there has been an increase in new gadgets that are designed specifically for travelling and help you enhance your travel packing efficiency and maximize your travel experience as well. 

Smallest Travel Steam Iron

This iron is so small, it is the size of a wallet or a PC mouse.  However, its usefulness is quite huge. This tool is relied on by many travelers, especially business travelers for ensuring that their clothes can get a quick steam or iron before any meetings. Having your clothes packed all the time will certainly leave them wrinkled and having the hotel laundry service, iron your outfit or finding an iron last minute can be quite a hassle. 

Smart Carry On

Smart Carry On

Having a carry on suitcase that can double as a power bank, a flashlight, and a charging port and has GPS location sounds unreal. However, these suitcases are very real. Made of very lightweight material, compact in size, and easy to roll around, this is a must have for frequent flyers.  Some of them even can power a mobile phone up to 10 times on one charge. They also come with a location tracking app that lets you find your suitcase at any time, in the event you misplace or lose it. 

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

One of the best gadgets you can invest in, is a portable Wi-Fi hotspot device. There are plenty of variations on the market. This device allows you to have unlimited data and Wi-Fi support in 130 countries around the world.  Some of these devices can even double as portable chargers and carry up to 5 connections at a single time. This means having all of your devices connected and charging whenever and wherever you are. 

Water Bottle Purifier

For hikers, couch surfers, and adventure-seeking travelers, going to exotic places is a thrill in itself. However, drinking water conditions in a lot of these countries can be quite doubtful. Most traveling sickness is caused by contaminated water in a new country you may be visiting.  Having your own purification system has become an essential need to avoid any health problems. Portable water purifiers are very light weight and small and come equipped with replaceable cartridges that last for 150L of water at a time. This helps you clean and purify your water and save money on buying water, as any water fountain will do.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

We want to listen to music anytime and anywhere, and for frequent travelers, a portable speaker is a must-have. There are many variants of very small portable Bluetooth speakers that pack a punch, not compromising on audio quality and voice volume. The key is searching well and picking the right choice. Heading to can show you the choices for audio bluetooth gadgets that are lightweight, dust-resistant, and water-resistant. You can find options with at least 10 hours of playback for those long mountain hikes or island beach days. 

Video Recording Sunglasses 

For travel blog owners and people who enjoy fun vacations filled with a lot of activity, acquiring a pair of video recording sunglasses might be interesting. This is a two-in-one piece of equipment, which allows you to shield your eyes from bright sunlight while also recording videos of the activities you are engaging in. It works by recording snapshots of your day and syncing them to your Snapchat memories directly, allowing it to be your travel blogging companion. 

Tech-Foot Warmers

If you are more into winter sports and winter vacations, travelling to cold-climate locations can be enjoyable but can be uncomfortable if you can’t get warm enough.  For your next trip, invest in a pair of technologically heated foot warmers. These protect against frost bites, improve blood circulation in cold weather, and keep you toasty.  These socks come with remote control apps that can be downloaded on your phone and waterproof material and fabric liner that keeps the cold out. 

Traveling doesn’t have to mean accepting the bare minimum in comfort nor does it mean packing so lightly that you miss out on taking your essential requirements with you. Having all the technology you need in compact sizes stowed away in your luggage will ensure you can travel while knowing you have everything you need to maximize your travel experience to its fullest.