Tech That Can Help Make You A Better Golfer

Tech That Can Help Make You A Better Golfer

If militaries around the world have managed to find a way to train their soldiers better using technology, then using tech to improve your golf swing sounds even more feasible. The impact of technology and gadgets on the sport of golfing has been substantive in the last 20 years. While the game’s rules have remained the same, alterations in clubs, shoes, gloves, and training techniques have all made the sport more enjoyable and comfortable. Golfers are very self-conscious about their game and style, constantly working to improve their odds and trying to get the ball in the hole as smoothly and quickly as possible. This made golfers very perceptive and welcoming to progressive methods and technologies that can help improve their game. You’d be hard-pressed to find an experienced golfer that isn’t open to the idea of trying new gear and progressive techniques. In your journey to become a better golfer, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you must try to make the best out of new and continuously-emerging technology and gadgets.


A golf rangefinder usually uses a laser or GPS to measure the distance from a point to another. On a golf course, it can help you determine the distance your ball traveled after the shot, the slope, and the wind’s direction and intensity. It becomes easy to estimate the average yardage that you get out of each club. You won’t have to depend on golf markers to know the distance as they’re not always accurate, unlike a laser-guided rangefinder. During training, it will increase the speed of your game which will help you practice more efficiently since you won’t need to spend a lot of time trying to estimate the yardage. Reading all the benefits of rangefinders on makes it hard to not want to give it a go. It’s quite an effective technology for any golfer; reliable, accurate, and easy to carry around.

Club Fitting

It’s hard to wrap your head around all the types of clubs and when to use them when you’re still a beginner. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed by all the options you have when you’re buying your golf clubs, making the decision of looking for the right one even harder. Club fitting is a way to analyze a player’s swing and providing all the information needed to match them with a club that fits their style and strength. The computer measures clubhead speed, grip strength, ball flight, and many other important parameters to give the most suitable club for every individual player.


The concept of using simulators and virtual reality has revolutionized training for countless fields, golf included. There are now simulators that can take you to any course you want, right from the comforts of your living room. It’s mainly a huge screen with advanced cameras and infrared and motion sensors which determine with extremely high accuracy the head speed, spin rate, ball rotation, and many other important parameters instantly. The modern versions also transfer the realistic ball’s data into the virtual screen, so you could watch the ball as it lands on the precise spot it would’ve landed in real life. They may cost a bit more than other devices, but they’re quite worth it if you’re looking to make your golf game ace.

Hybrid Clubs

Golfers, especially beginners and amateurs, find it difficult to use iron clubs. The technique involved in continually being able to strike the ball on uneven terrain with a fairway metal is hard to master. Hybrid golf clubs were seen as a great advancement in the design of clubs that help golfers strike and fly their balls easier than ever. The pressure of having to make a perfect swing to get the ball in the right place was now lessened hybrid clubs were more tolerant of ordinary swings. The launch angle of the hybrid club helps many new golfers grasp the mechanics of launching the ball into the air considerably faster than any other ordinary golf club.

The tech mentioned here is hardly an exhaustive list of the different types of tech involved in improving your golf game, yet they are amongst the most popular. Golf has been seen as a difficult game to start practicing as a beginner due to the many requirements like clothes, clubs, shoes, and technique. The old-fashioned way of using a tutor to help you is still highly recommended, but if you have neither the time nor money, using this tech is going to make your journey easier. From sensors to club fitting, technology has been making it easier for anyone to become a better golfer.