Ten reasons to take an IT job in Australia

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Ten reasons to take an IT job in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra
IT jobs across a range of IT and technology disciplines are available in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, the sectors include local and national government, Education, healthcare, banking and mining sectors.

Ten reasons to take an IT job in Australia

1) Australia is a long way from any other land mass so the Air is Fresher
2) Due to its size and low population density Australia has unspoilt nature. It is tropical in the North, it has deserts and mountain in the South that have snow and ski resorts.  There are 14 world heritage sites listed in Australia.
3) Australia is a Multicultural society and there is a place for everyone no matter where you come from or what religion race or colour you are.
4) The low population density and low population make it a great place to start your new life. There is a migration strategy in place where the Australian government provides channels for migration for people with skills that Australia requires.
5) Australia has strong legislation to protect workers and their right.
6) Most of the population live in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, the climate in these cities is mild and comfortable all year round.
7) Australia has one of the best Health care systems in the world funded by the Government. An affordable private health care system is all available. Many jobs in the health sector are on the skilled list.
8) Australia has one of the world lowest unemployment rates and jobs are available both in the major cities and regional Australia, also the average wage rate is one of the highest in the World.
The Australian economy is strong and Australia is located close to the emerging new economies which will soon dominate the global stage.
9) Australia has a strong education sector respected by its neighbors, there are always opportunities in the education sector for skilled educators.
10) there is no glass ceiling in Australia, it is a class less society all you have to be is good at what you do.

Ten reasons to take an IT job in Australia there are more than these ten

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