Terry Pratchett’s The Truth at Don Russell Performing Arts Centre, Western Australia

A STORY about corruption and freedom of the media comes alive in a production of Terry Pratchett’s The Truth this June and July.

Adapted by Stephen Briggs from the popular Discworld novel and directed by Bradley Towton, the show is being staged by Roleystone Theatre at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre.

The late Terry Pratchett was a master of the fantasy genre and sold more than 85 million books worldwide in 37 languages.

In The Truth, William de Worde becomes accidental editor of the Discworld’s first newspaper with the help of two dwarves and must cope with the perils of a journalist’s life.

William just wants to get at the truth but everyone else wants to get him – and it’s only the third edition.

The main challenge, according to Bradley, has been designing a fully functional press room for the show.

“Trying to re-create a press set on fire in one scene, then viewed burned down in the next was an even greater one!” he laughed.

“I feel our technical expert Ron Birch has met this challenge by designing something our audience will be happy with, despite the shoestring budget.

“We were also thinking of ways to bring our troll costume back from the dead from a previous Pratchett show, Monstrous Regiment, and have found a few cameos that will bring some laughs.”

Bradley said people didn’t have to be familiar with Pratchett’s work to follow the story – but, by the same token, it wouldn’t disappoint fans of the author.

“The Truth doesn’t require as much back-reading as some of the other plays, so I don’t think people will leave confused,” he said.

“For those who know the story, they can expect us to have kept as close to it as possible with a few tongue-in-cheek references.

“We know our dedicated Pratchett fans like things a certain way and, because we also belong to that group, we want the same.”

Involved in theatre for the past 10 years, Bradley studied performing arts at Curtin University and appeared in several Stage Door School shows before joining Roleystone Theatre to perform in Much Ado About Nothing, Avenue Q, Peter Pan and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

He has also appeared in Garrick Theatre productions of A Lady Mislaid, Project Macbeth and Love is a Noun, The Producers at the Regal Theatre and has scored acting awards for his roles in She Was Only a Miller’s Daughter and Footrot Flats at Roleystone Theatre.

“After a spree of Pratchett shows, I decided to do a show from every sector of the novels,” Bradley said.

“The Pratchett books are loosely divided up into character groups, such as The Watch or The Witches, and The Truth includes several different ones together.”

Terry Pratchett’s The Truth plays at 7.30pm June 30, July 1, 7 and 8 with 2pm matinees July 1 and 8. Tickets are $28.30, $24.30 concession and $17.30 children (16 and under) – book at tinyurl.com/truthpratchett

The Don Russell Performing Arts Centre is at 13 Murdoch Road, Thornlie.