The 6 Most Important Numbers You Should Have on Speed Dial

Most Important Numbers You Should Have on Speed Dial

There are numbers you don’t want on your speed dial, and there are those that are simply a must. For example, you may need the repair person’s number on the speed dial, but that shows you are neglecting serious home replacements that are badly needed. 

Some numbers should be on your speed dial at all times. Here are six of the most important numbers to keep at your fingertips.

In Case of Emergency

Most people call them ICE numbers. You can list them, as you would want in your contacts, but ensure that they are well labelled. If you are in a situation and you need to be attended to immediately, anyone who has your phone can know whom to call. If you are involved in an accident or a medical emergency, you want the first responder to call someone who will help. The last call could be with a client or workmate. Use two or three numbers and label them as ICE. For example, label them ICE-Hubby or ICE-Wife, ICE-Mum or ICE-Dad. It doesn’t have to be a family member as long as it is someone who is readily available and can make medical decisions on your behalf.

Car Insurance Claims

If you read any guide on what to do when you are involved in an accident, they will tell you that you should call your insurance claims immediately. How do you do that if you don’t have the number with you? You will start looking for it, which is not a good thing. Keep the number near you so that you are not inconvenienced. This is a number you hope not to use, but if the time comes, make sure you have it with you.

Your Lawyer’s Number

You have been involved in an accident, assaulted, arrested, served, or abused, what do you do? You want to call your lawyer. Where is the lawyer’s number? Probably at home on a business card. The number will not help you at a time that you need it the most. According to, your lawyer’s number should be on speed dial. It should stand next to your insurance claim number. You don’t possibly hope to use it, but it is better there than anywhere else. Once you have called your insurance claims, you will also need your lawyer to guide you. 

Roadside Assistance

If you have a car, mechanical problems can find you anywhere, even on the highway. You might be stranded there wondering whether to leave your vehicle unattended or to repair it yourself. If you are not a mechanic, you will most certainly not know what to do. Keeping the highway roadside assistance. They will respond as soon as possible. At least you can rest assured that your car will be in safe hands. Even if it does not get better, you will not be stranded. 

Lost Credit Card

A lost credit card can be a major issue. If a financial fraud criminal stole it, your credit limit could be wiped in an instant. You want to report a lost card as soon as possible; you will not have time to go online to check the card issuer’s number. Report all lost cards, even those that are expiring or credit limits are reached. Online card fraud when someone has your card is easy, but if you disable the card immediately you notice it is lost and can prevent a criminal from committing a crime using the card. 

Poison Control

Poison control is imperative. If you have a pet or children, failure to keep drugs and poisons in a tightly locked place can result in poisoning. With poisons, you want to respond as soon as possible. You cannot rely on online sources for immediate response. A speed dial can save a life because every second matters. If you are the one poisoned, you will probably not have the mental strength to look for the numbers in your contacts. If you call your ICE numbers, you will need to explain to them before they can act. Calling the right person ensures that you get the right attention and information immediately. 

Most Important Numbers You Should Have on Speed Dial

You may also need a locksmith and utility company number to add to these six numbers. Speed dial numbers should be numbers of people who can help in respective emergencies. In a car accident, you need insurance, lawyer, and police. Dialling 911 is not difficult, even in distress. You need the other numbers in case of poisoning, credit card loss, and roadside assistance.