The Best Places To Snorkel In Perth

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Perth has the most breathtaking coastline, and beneath the surface of those incredibly emerald waters is an aquatic wonderland. The wild fish and natural reefs on the ocean floors are just waiting to be discovered.

If you’re wondering where is best to snorkel in Perth, then here are some ideas…

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is surrounded by glorious reefs, rocks, and fascinating old shipwrecks. This provides the perfect place for aquatic creatures like tiny crowds of fish and even Grey Nurse sharks to swim around, and makes pretty much every beach on Rottnest worth snorkeling.
Swimming around the island also means you can swim with stingrays, larger fish species and rock lobsters.

Penguin Island

This is usually called one of the South’s best spots for snorkeling, and is in a calm stretch of water between the coast and the island. Seals and dolphins are often in the seas here and some people visiting here have even been luvky ebough to spot the Sea Lions and incredible Fairy Penguins! You can even take kayak tours and dolphin tours to get really amongst the fascinating sea life.

Mettams Pool

See large herrings, tailor and a wide variety of kaleidoscopic fish gliding near the ocean floor here at Mettams Pool. This place is a safe haven even for those who are not advanced at snorkeling, and the waters are very calm. Snorkeling here will mean you might even get to swim with thousands of bait fish as they glitter in the glorious sunlight.

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Marmion Marine Park

A large, rocky outcrop with a wide range of fish, such as herrings and tailor. Marmion Marine Park stretches from South Sorrento to North Beach. Marmion is usually very quiet meaning there is more room to explore, and is the best place to both fish and kayak. With fewer people around, there are less people to scare off all of the amazing fish.

Burns Beach

Here you can get up close to all of the colourful reef fish. However, this does not mean it is a boring place to snorkel – you might have a surprise when spotting Dhufish, which can grow over 10 kilos! It is best to swim in the late summer months, out beyond the outcrops for your best chance at catching a glimpse of these sea monsters.