The Best Surfing Beaches Australia has to Offer

Byron Bay, Australia

Having no less than 50,000 km of coastline, Australia is the dream destination for any surfer on this planet. Offering more bays, inlets and beaches than you can think of, Australia is often visited by some of the best surfers. The world-class waves and perfect weather conditions, as well as the ‘off the beaten track’ locations, are the strongest points that make Australia the best country for surfers. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best beaches where you can put your surfboard to great use.

The Pass – Byron Bay in New South Wales

A known mecca for surfers, Byron Bay comes with an abundance of beaches to choose from. However, out of everything this bay has to offer, it’s The Pass right towards the end of Clarkes Beach that takes the prize for the best surf spot in Australia. The added advantage comes that from here you can see the entire bay so if it’s packed you can always go on to the next destination. A good example in that direction is Lennox Head with similar conditions and an outstanding view.

Cactus Beach – South Australia

We’ve mentioned in the introduction that some surfers may want to stay clear of the well-known beaches to find some privacy and solitude. And that doesn’t only happen towards tourists or other people enjoying the beach. Even though surfers are known to be very social, you sometimes need some time to find your inner balance and tackle that perfect wave. If you find yourself in this exact situation, Cactus Beach is the place for you. This untouched wilderness will give you the perfect setting for some impressive surfing. Keep in mind that it is not something you should try without enough experience under your board. Especially the rougher winter waves can be quite challenging so remember to always put safety first.

Bells Beach – Victoria

Of course, we couldn’t put together a list of surf beaches without including Bells Beach. Even though it’s famous all across the globe, this beach in Torquay is also known for the Rip Curl Pro Surf and Music Festival. With a tradition of over 47 years, the festival makes surf lovers come back year after year for the golden sands, azure water and awesome music. Also, if you get to Bells Beach, you should also give Winkipop a try as some claim to be a superior surfing spot but you can decide that for yourself.

Noosa – Queensland

If you’re after long-board breaks, Point Break is the place for you and you will find it in Noosa. It’s perfect for a wide number of reasons. First of all, rookies can paddle alongside the pros, have a great time together and learn new tricks. While the hardcore surfers can easily catch a 200-meter ride on a good day. Even though this beach appeals to rookies and pros alike, some may find the swell too calm for their taste. For a hardcore adventure, you always have Cactus Beach or any of our other previous examples.

South Cape Bay – Tasmania

Tasmania needs to further introduction, the wilderness in this part of Australia, coupled with cold-water breaks and huge waves make it an ideal place for surfers all around the globe. If you’re desperate to find an uncrowded place, this is the spot for you. South Cape Bay can only be reached by foot and the 7.7 trek is considered by many surfers the perfect preparation ritual for the surfing to come. Here you will have the perfect occasion to enjoy high-quality waves alongside your friends, however, make sure to come prepared since you’re pretty far from everything. In case you’ll need some more water, other resources or medical attention, it’s going to be tricky.

Gold Coast – Queensland

Last but definitely not least, the Gold Coast is perhaps the most appropriate name for a high number of beaches offering excellent conditions for all categories of surfers. You have at least 5 beaches to choose from like the Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay or Duranbah. A true patch of paradise for surfers and regular tourists alike, the mesmerizing water color combine with the golden sand will make it exptremely hard for you to ever leave this place. And we’re sure that’s the feeling you will get after reading the Allspinswin casino review and tried some of the spectacular slots they offer.