The Best Value Multi Festival Ticket On The Planet


If you’re thinking about heading to Europe this summer and wanting to get involved in some of the biggest and best party festivals that the continent has to offer, then you have to get hold of the Stoke Passport from the awesome party travel people at Stoke Travel.

The Stoke Passport allows you to have the most open-ended and flexible travel options that guarantee nothing less than awesome experiences in Europe.  It is perfect for the traveller who loves flexibility and doesn’t want to be on the traditional bus tours, but still wants to share the party with a big group of fellow travellers.

With the Stoke Passport you get a 3-night all-inclusive package at your choice of 2, 3, 6 or 10 festivals or trips.  You choose the start date of your Stoke Passport and it is then valid for a whopping 2 years from that date.  That’s two massive years of wicked Stoke Parties!

Once you have purchased your Stoke Passport, all you have to do is email or phone the Stoke Travel office at least 7 days prior to your arrival at the festival or trip to guarantee your place.

As well as this, Stoke Travel have added a fantastic bonus to the Stoke Passport, with Unlimited free drinks and plenty of other freebies thrown in at any of 19 Stoke festivals and trips that are part of the Stoke Passport included in the price of the Stoke Passport.

Prices for the 4 Stoke Passport options are the following:

  • The Hobo – 2 Festival/Trip Pass: 360 Euros (3 nights at 2 festivals)
  • The Nomad – 3 Festival/Trip Pass: 540 Euros (3 nights at 3 festivals)
  • The Gypsy – 5 Festival/Trip Pass: 900 Euros (3 nights at 6 festivals – You get the 6th festival/trip for FREE)
  • Wham-Bam Summer of Stoke Pass: 8 Festival/Trip Pass: 1440 Euros (3 nights at 10 festivals – You get 2 festivals/trips for FREE).

Surcharges apply on some Stoke Trips.

And remember, the Festival Travel specialists, FOMO Travel, have teamed up with Stoke Travel to provide you with Unlimited Drinks on all their Festival Trips when you use the PROMOCODE “FOMO16” at Stoke Travel.

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