The Biggest Winnings Playing Online Casino Games | Online Casino

The Biggest Winnings Playing Online Casino Games | Online Casino

The biggest winnings on online games in the world

Casinos offer the chance to change your life in an instant if you get lucky though that in many cases, that is not the case. People’s luck is different with some winning multiple rewards from little wagers and others using their fortune with no win. It is important, therefore, to enjoy slots like rainbow riches online and stake bets using spare cash to avoid suffering heartbreaks after a tough loss. Some online casinos with great stakes include Riverbelle Casino NZ, Spin Palace Casino, and more.

This article will share some of the lucky ones at online games in the last few years. The biggest winning was $590.5 million. Checkout the list of the top 10 biggest online gambling wins, ever!

€6.3 million cash prize, River Belle online casino

In March 2009, Georgios M, a Greek slot jockey had a life-defining moment when he won a jackpot of €6.3 million. This got him ranked as the highest Microgaming casino jackpot winner within that year.

€7.6 million, Hall of Gods slot machine

At Unibet Casino, in 2012, a Swedish slot enthusiast, hit a jackpot of €7.6 million. While spinning Hall of Gods by Net Entertainment, she was blessed with Vikings’ gold by Thor.

€13.2 million, Betway Casino

A 26-year-old British soldier hit the jackpot at Mega Moolah slots by Microgaming in October 2015 while playing at Betway. What is fascinating is that this was within 25 minutes of John Haywood opening a Betway Casino account. The record was only broken later in September 2018 when someone won €18.9 million.

$14 million, a veteran soldier

Lucky is what Elmar Sherwin is. He won two huge jackpots through different periods of his life. In 1989, the World War 2 soldier won $4.6 million in Las Vegas which he used to travel the world to gamble for another win. At 92 years, he was in luck again, winning $21.14 million.

$22.6 million, one spin

Who would have guessed that a bet on Megabucks of $170 would turn into a jackpot of $22.6 million? Not Johanna Huendi! More so, she had never played Megabucks before and won on her first spin. Amazing!

$27.6 million, a 67-year-old woman

Megabucks seems to continue giving but this time to a flight attendant at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas. She bet $100 per spin. Despite losing her first stakes, she was lucky on her third try hitting the $27.6 million jackpot. Looks like at 67years, fortune can still shine on you.

$34.95 million on Megabucks, Cynthia Jay-Brennan

This story is a mixture of emotions with both gloom and some gloom. Cynthia tried the Megabucks slot machine at her mother-in-law’s birthday party and won a jackpot of $34.95 million. Immediately, she chose to leave her job and head out to travel with the love of her life. Unfortunately, during her travels, she had an accident that left her paralyzed plus a dead sister. A really sad turn of events.

$39.7 million, Pastime Fortune

While heading to watch a basketball game, this lucky winner branched off to Excalibur casino to kill some time. On spending $100 on video slots, his fortunes changed in an instant winning him $39.7 million of which he received an installment of $1.5 million for the next 25 years. Since he won at 25 years, he will be a rich man well into his 50s.

$40 million over 3 years

A hardened high roller named Archie Karas is well known for rising from $50 to gaining $40 million. It is claimed he lost a total $2 million playing poker in Las Vegas until he had only $50. Rather than quitting like most would, he chose to borrow $10000 from a friend which he bet at Binion’s Horseshoe casino. Luck shone on him with a winning of $17 million in three hours. Generously, he refunded his friend $20000. Committed to his ventures, he continued to win over $40 million over 3 years.

The sun sets on all luck and eventually, Karas began losing large amounts such as $2 million on poker and $17 million on baccarat in only 3 weeks. Adding injury to insult, he was banned from betting from Las Vegas and Nevada casinos when his money was done.

$590.5, Gloria McKenzie

It seems old age is not a deterrent to fortune in the case of Gloria, an 84-year-old woman. Her story is unique because of the exorbitant sum she won, €527.16 million, playing Powerball lottery. Myth has it that she was not meant to be in the queue spot when she bought the ticket. A good Samaritan blessed her by allowing her to stay there. Destiny? Probably.


Gambling is great in moderation though, with such stories, many are tempted to go overboard to hopefully change their fortunes instantly. It is better to stick to a budget of about $100 a week to avoid wasting your fortunes chasing the wind. Enjoyable gambling will always be responsible gambling.