The Convenience of Having a Shower Caddy in Your Bathroom

The Convenience of Having a Shower Caddy in Your Bathroom

When we want our bathroom to look more stylish and organized, there are some things that need changing right away. A dangling light bulb in the middle of the ceiling is one thing that has to go; the worn-out bathroom mat is another. No one also has to see the dozens of hair care and skin care products lined up at the edge of the tub, all ready to tumble. That’s why you need a shower caddy. If you count the number of scattered toiletries in your bathroom, it might seem like you’re planning to open up a shop. From shampoos and conditioners to scrubs, shower gels, loofah, and everything in between, those personal items should be for your eyes only. Besides that, you can hang a caddy conveniently right in the showering area. It’s just a simple and easy way to organize your items, which is why a shower caddy is also called a shower organizer. 

Types of Caddies

Caddies come in a variety of materials, such as plastic, mesh, or stainless steel among others. They come in an abundance of colors and in all shapes and sizes. Some are stationary and some are mobile. With so many diverse choices, here’s more information on them. 

1. Size

Since they do come in lots of different sizes, you will first want to know where you’re going to place it and how much space to designate it. They’re called caddies because some of them are portable—you can take them straight into the shower, set them on the floor, then take them out with you again. A portable one can make a great gift for someone traveling or maybe going off to college and living in a dorm, using shared bathrooms. You can view here some of the most popular choices and compare them. On the other hand, you might prefer a stationary one that hangs in the shower area and fits snuggly in the corner of your shower. Many of them will come in two or three tiers, giving it a shelf-like look. That way the top tier will hold big bottles, while the lower tiers can hold shorter and smaller items. 

2. Materials


With a plastic one, you’ll worry less about it getting rusty, and there’s a wide variety of colours to match the colour of your bathroom. Durable plastic caddies tend to be more rigid, which means they hold their shape. They’re super easy to clean and quick to dry, and purchasing one with holes allows water to drain through it and not settle in one area, causing mold or mildew. They will probably last for a lot of good years. 


Like plastic, a mesh caddy does not rust and dries relatively quickly. They come in different sizes, and shapes—some come in a cute tote bag shape with compartments in the outer section and even have enough space to store a towel. 


These look nice since they come in different designs, last long, and are easy to clean. We’re sort of programmed to think that stainless steel rusts, but stainless-steel products are manufactured for wet atmospheres and use rust-proof material as well. With almost any type of metal product, overtime the rust-proof material will diminish, making the caddy more prone to rusting. Rust occurs over time as water and air corrode the metal. Sealing the metal will protect it from these elements. You can polish the entire caddy with water-repelling wax. This process needs to be repeated once a month to ensure good sealing. You’ll probably want to avoid other types of materials like wood. They do add a very appealing look to a caddy, but will typically wear out quickly because of constant contact with water and humidity.

The Convenience of Having a Shower Caddy in Your Bathroom

3. Extra options

Many shower organizers also come with handy hooks where you can hang washcloths, loofah, or shower cap. When it comes right down to it, there’s nothing handier for your bathroom than a shower caddy. Whichever kind or size you buy, they all have one thing in common and that’s keeping your toiletry items organized. Your bathroom will immediately look more organized and stylish with a caddy. They also make the perfect gift for everyone.

It’s no secret that many people use a lot of shower and bath products for every single shower. Not every bathroom enjoys the luxury of having enough room and storage space. Using a shower caddy, however, will solve that problem. With one or more shower caddies, you’ll have all your items organized in a jiffy and within your reach.