The Do’s and Don’ts in Yoga

The Do's and Don'ts in Yoga

Yoga is a fantastic way to get into shape. However, there are many do’s and don’ts about yoga that you need to know before you start. Let’s talk about some of the things you need to consider once you start doing yoga at your home, or go to yoga classes to better your skills.

The Do’s

Listen to The Words, and not The Actions

One of the biggest mistakes many beginners make when doing yoga is that they look at an individual’s pose rather than listen to what they are saying. This is mostly done when people are doing yoga classes or following a video course online. Make sure to listen to the words and try to interpret the poses in your mind, most of the time the poses you might see on a different individual might not be the same as the pose you might end up doing. Please close your eyes, and try and understand the words, and then reenact the pose by yourself rather than looking at other people. This will allow you to be in a much more natural position, as we are all built differently.

Clear Your Mind

In most cases, many people don’t clear their thoughts when they enter the yoga class or yoga session. It is imperative that you completely clear your mind once you begin the yoga class, the key to success with yoga classes to listen to the words of what your instructor is saying. If you want to be successful with yoga, you need to be present at the moment rather than thinking about what you need to do after. Sometimes the poses can be extremely technical, so make sure that you listen to the words before you try the pose, and for you to listen, you will need to be present at the moment.

Learn How to Dress Properly

If you want to make sure you perform at your utmost peak, then you need to dress properly. You can read a blog post here on what to wear under yoga pants, as that is the most important piece of clothing when doing yoga. When you are performing yoga poses, you will be bending in positions where you might feel exposed. We recommend wearing clothing that allows you to move freely, and at the same time make you feel comfortable and loose.

The Don’ts

The Do's and Don'ts in Yoga

Don’t Think You Know Everything

One of the most important things you should not do when following yoga is to become cocky about your abilities. You need to stay humble and act as a beginner if you want to be successful with your yoga endeavors. Always remember to listen to your instructor and obey what they say, you will be in a much better position to succeed.

Don’t Keep Your Injuries a Secret

If you have any injuries that you would like to let your teacher know about, then make sure to let them know before you start the class. Teachers need to know if you have been injured before, or if there are any other movements that you can or cannot do. Letting your teacher know about your injuries will not only keep you safe, but it will also allow your teacher to modify your yoga positions so that you can succeed.

Don’t Have Your Phone on Loud

When you start your yoga class, make sure to keep the distractions away from you. You must put your phone or pagers to silent if you are looking to experience the best yoga class you have ever experienced. You don’t want any outside distractions to bother your yoga experience, and it will if you don’t keep your phone in silence or keep it away from you. Yoga is a way to escape reality and to find your inner peace, so make sure that you do it properly.

Don’t Be Late

You don’t want to be late for your yoga class, and if you’re late for your yoga class, then chances are you will not be in a position to keep your mind clear and enjoy your yoga class. Yoga class is a process of enlightening yourself step by step, so make sure that you arrive early and leave on time.

There aren’t many do’s and don’ts in yoga. The only thing that you should stay away from when you are entering a yoga class would be distractions or disrespecting others. As long as you can manage to keep yourself humble and listen to the teacher without disrupting others, you should be in a great position to enjoy your yoga class.