The Flooring Trends That are Taking the Hotel Industry by Storm

The Flooring Trends

When you step into a hotel, you want to see and feel the luxury and grandeur of it, but you also want a warm, cozy ambiance. One of the first things you’ll notice in a hotel is its flooring; a prominent and standout features in the hospitality industry. Since it’s that important, not any flooring will do and it’s a major decision in the appeal of a hotel. 

Given the wear and tear that hotel floors go through from heavy traffic, choosing flooring for a hotel needs to take several factors into consideration. Choosing the right type, design, color, picking one that is easy to maintain, and suits a budget is no easy feat. So, have a look at some of the best flooring types to supply a hotel with.

Mixed Material

In small residential homes, you might just use one or two types of material, like wood or tiles, or any of the many types available. Yet for a hotel, you have more room and at the very least, you want to create the illusion that you have a lot of space. Mixing materials such as wood and stone, or stone and metal create separations and gives the impression that an area is larger than what it actually is. Besides space, it’s more appealing to the eye than seeing a large space all of the same material. Mixed materials give a chance for more creative, eye-catching patterns and textures.

Glue-down Vinyl

Vinyl has come a long way since it was first introduced. This type also goes by the name of luxury vinyl, and for good reason. With the growing demand for this type, more options are being produced by manufacturers to choose from. The installation method of using glue involves the use of adhesive. Using an adhesive provides better stability that ensures the flooring maintains its original characteristics. Flooring experts from Integra Direct, located in Australia, explain the improvements made on vinyl where the surface layer cannot be easily punctured or torn. This makes luxury vinyl suitable for heavy commercial use, provided the wear-layer is thick enough. People love it for its wood patterns, but there are also stone, tile, and concrete looks to choose from.

The Flooring Trends


In the old days, laminate used to look a bit like plastic, but innovative manufacturing splendidly shows in laminate floors now that are actually made of 4 layers; back, core, design and wear layers. Because of this multi-layer assembly, it’s an extremely durable material, absorbing heavy traffic.


Hybrid flooring is the merger between vinyl and laminate and you would be given the best attributes of vinyl and laminate. It’s a perfect option for a hotel since it’s waterproof and durable, with attractive patterns. The laminate on it makes this flooring also stain and fade resistant. However, it wouldn’t be the best choice for areas that have a lot of water or moisture, such as bathrooms. In that case, you would probably need to add a moisture barrier. Yet, since hotels rarely ever have the same flooring in every section, lament can be a standout flooring in the lobby, for instance.


Timber wood is a beautiful choice coming in a variety of shades and colors. As implied, these floors are from timber and usually comes in solid or engineered wood. Hardwood is the most expensive type of timber. The wood comes from slow-growing trees and is heavy and hard which accounts for its more expensive price. Engineered wood is more affordable, and its veneer finishing can give the same look as hardwood timber. In both cases, they’re easy to clean and maintain which is a must for hotel flooring. Stains and spills can be wiped off easily. Despite some scratches you can get overtime, timber flooring actually looks nicer as it ages.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is being used in lots of hotels to help ease maintenance. Because hotels have such extensive spaces, the use of artificial grass to replace real grass is a cost-effective option, removing mowing and other lawn-type of expenses. Artificial turf is also pleasant to have around a swimming pool area, for example, or if you want to make an indoor area seem a bit more outdoor.

In the end, you want the flooring that makes a statement and matches and suits the vibes of the hotel. Your guests want the luxury of a hotel as well as the comforts of home. Warm, residential flooring in commercial hotels is here to stay because they’re classy and timeless. Maintaining attractive flooring in your hotel will keep your guests coming.