The Influence of Celebrities on Modern Day Beauty Standards

The Influence of Celebrities on Modern Day Beauty Standards

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Recently, so-called celebrities have established a high impact on society. Many people, the youths especially, view them as their role models. On many occasions, stars have helped launch positive campaigns deemed at helping the world. The same popular icons have contributed significantly to the definition of modern-day beauty and standards. What is your definition of beauty? Well, beauty can be defined as a combination of qualities, such as color and shape, which is pleasing to the eyes. 

Without further ado, here are ways in which stars influence modern beauty standards. 

01. Body Weight

Today, you can hardly watch an entire TV program without having a weight-related ad pop up. Often, most of these ads use images of famous artists and models from around the world. The fact that most people view these remarkable people as their role models can substantially change the perception of body weight. The celebrities may make you have the idea that slim is the ideal body weight out there. In return, you may respond by taking all the necessary measures intending to attain the so-called perfect weight for the sake of your beauty. 

In worst-case scenarios, individuals have gone to the point of starving themselves, not understanding the impact this may bring to their health. Luckily, in the recent past, the superstars in the fashion industry, especially, are slowly changing the notion about the slim body and weight. If you follow various fashion galas taking place from around the world, you will notice big-bodied models taking part in the competitions. The idea to incorporate every type of body has much helped revive the old meaning of beauty standards. With the concept, it creates that perception that everyone is beautifully and wonderfully made regardless of body weight. 

02. Body Shape

Today, if you asked most people why they hit the gym, they will boldly tell you that they do so to chase after an athletic body. Well, there is that ideal body shape that’s always created by celebrities. Many people are willing to do all it takes as long as it promises to deliver results. On many occasions, many have opted to use risky measures, and that means harm to their bodies. For instance, for the guys, having a six-pack, and revealing muscles have often been regarded as ideal body shape. This image, as influenced by the celebrities, has forced many young men out there to try their luck with steroids together with other harmful supplements that are said to accelerate the process. Unfortunately, in most instances, these combinations never go well. Most of the fellows who use the medications end up experiencing positive results while trying to chase their luck. 

03. Skin Tone and Complexion

When it comes to defining beauty, many factors are put into consideration. The skin tone, for example, and pigmentation are among the many factors that contribute towards the definition of the entire beauty. Celebrities are among the few individuals who have greatly influenced the perception of the ideal skin color. 

Take a look at the likes of the late Michael Jackson. He was among the many individuals who have contributed towards popularizing plastic surgery. According to cosmetic surgeons from, plastic surgery is an ideal way to rejuvenate your beauty and give that young-looking skin. Say, for example, when you are involved in an accident and your face experiences damages, there is still a chance for you to recover your beauty, and that’s through plastic surgery. Unfortunately, some of the celebrities have portrayed the use of plastic surgery in a negative way. Today, everyone is looking forward to attaining a young-looking face, for whatever amount it may cost. This kind of influence has, on the other end, triggered people even to consider cheap and illegal plastic surgeries and body part enlargements, most of which never end well. 

04. Tattoos

Take a look at famous hip hop artists, such as Lil Wayne. Their bodies are filled with all sorts of tats, from head to toe. In the recent past, these celebrities have slowly changed the fan’s view about body tattoos. These body inks are slowly becoming a new definition of external beauty. Currently, the youths, especially, are heading to every other tattoo parlor looking for fresh tattoo ideas to add to their bodies. 

The Influence of Celebrities on Modern Day Beauty Standards

Image by Sharon McCutcheon from Pixabay

05. Body Piercings

With the likes of Justin Beiber rocking earrings, the perception about body piercing has slowly taken a new turn. Long ago, body piercing was regarded as a thing for women. However, in the recent past, that notion is gradually fading away. Today, both men and women have started rocking these body piercing in almost every part of the body, all in the name of chasing beauty. 

Not only do celebrities help with the entertainment, but they also influence the world on how things are viewed. For example, when it comes to the definition of beauty, the so-called celebrities have played a significant role in influencing what other people see as the standard beauty. Explained in this article are five ways in which stars have changed the idea and perceptions about conventional beauty. Read through the entire piece to understand what effect these influential individuals cause.