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BK editBBM: Hi BK, thanks for talking to us. I’m guessing you’re in Italy at the minute. When do you head to Australia?
BK: Hi there. I’m actually at the airport en route to Italy to play in Milan, which I’m looking forward to. I have the day there to have a look at the city and, from what I’ve heard, the gig there is a great party. Then I’m back to DJ in the UK, then straight into the studio as I have three remixes that are waiting to be done.
I’ll be in Australia for the 11th of April .

Are you looking forward to coming here? What are your memories of the last time you were Down Under?
Very much looking forward to coming back to play. The last tour I did was the Summerdaze festivals and they were amazing. Your great summers help a lot with the atmosphere at outside events.

Can you tell us a little bit about Pandemic? I know it’s only just been released but it seems to have been getting a lot of praise already.
It’s a collaboration album I have done with Anne Savage. Myself and Anne have often put the world to rights and talked about doing an album at many an after party. Finally we just got on with it. The idea for the album is that each track should have its own character. Many Hd albums can be very flat in the fact they are a bunch of similar tracks linked together. We really wanted to avoid this. We also wanted to have fun so we didn’t put ourselves under any pressure and I think the fact we enjoyed ourselves really comes across.

You’ve got a reputation for being very prolific. How much of becoming a top DJ is about talent and how much is about hard work – putting the hours in the studio and touring?
Times have changed nowadays. When I first started it was all about the music and the quality of work you were doing. Nowadays, with all the social networking, you have DJs who concentrate on this side of the business.
There are plenty of DJs who concentrate on themselves as just a brand – you can go to their site and buy the T shirt but find it difficult to find out what their music is.
For me its all about the music. As you say, long hours in the studio and touring is key, but you have to have decent tunes coming out of the studio and in your CD wallet first and foremost.

Is there anyone you’ve not worked with yet who you’d like to?
Plenty of people. I would love to work with Liam from the Prodigy.

You’ve won more than your fair share of awards, but you seem to get a lot of praise from fellow high profile DJs as well. Does getting praised by your peers feel more rewarding?
Its always nice to get recognized but the biggest reward is a great reaction in the clubs

I understand Riot will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday in the not too distant future. Have you been thinking up any plans for it yet?
It will be our ninth this year and we will be back at the UK’s best venue, Matter, to party with 2500 rioters!

What are your favourite moments over that time?
There have been loads – from playing the entire party b2b with Ed Real to the first big party we did at Matter and seeing 2500 people having it over the balcony.
Also winning Mixmag club of the year.

Catch BK on: 12 April: Elev8, PENRITH; 14-April: Elev8, NEWCASTLE; 16 April: Rise Nightclub, PERTH;
17 April: Chasers Nightclub, MELBOURNE; 25-April: Frantic Hunter Bar, SYDNEY.