The Most Profitable Freelance Jobs of 2020

The Most Profitable Freelance Jobs of 2020


You might consider doing a freelance job part-time or full time, but many jobs could provide sustainable income when working at home. There are several freelance jobs on the internet, but this article looks at jobs with the highest pay you should consider this year. 

Online Translation

The internet offers numerous opportunities to multilingual, and all you have to do is translate audio or text documents. Also, live translators have several opportunities to facilitate communication between strangers who can’t speak the same language. Its high time you recognized the potential in your multilingual skills and earned up to $50 per hour. 

Graphic Design

Most graphic design freelancers earn up to $100 per hour, considering the market’s huge demand. The job requires one to create illustrations, icon designs, and logos. However, you need to have a desire for art and create unique content that potential clients appreciate. 


Most people have perfected podcasting, and it’s a freelance job worth trying in 2020. There has been a demand for audio content, and most audiences prefer listening to content via a podcast. 2020 is a great year to create your podcast, have an audience, and earn from doing what you love most. Creating a podcast requires the right equipment and the right hosting platform. Choosing the right podcasting service for yourself can be a lengthy task, but expert podcasters from would advise on reviewing the best hosting platforms before you settle for one where you can share your content. With podcasting, you can earn up to $500 per day, but you will have to be consistent and loyal to your audience. 


The job involves typing recorded words that you hear in digital documents. The income will depend on the amount of work you can transcribe, your typing speed, and the company’s rates. An average person can type up to 60 words per minute; therefore, you will spend 3 hours transcribing a 1-hour job. With time, you will improve your typing speed and earn up to $300 on a slow day.  


Copywriting is a freelance job on demand since more business people are launching their online businesses; hence, they need adverts and websites to market their products. You will need a solid portfolio, and if you lack experience, you can enroll in an online copywriting class and learn how the work is done. Keep in mind that the key to a rewarding copywriting career is being concise and creating compelling content.

Online Writing

With practice, anyone can do online writing. All you need is proper grammar and the right writing tone; you don’t need any special tools. There are several forms of online writing, such as article writing, creating blog posts, writing press releases, and SEO posts, among other writing forms.

The Most Profitable Freelance Jobs of 2020

The writing charges vary depending on the company supplying the jobs and your writing speed. Your daily income will depend on the amount of work that you can manage each day, but a typical online writer earns up to $40 an hour. 

Video Game Programmer

Game programming is similar to graphic design, but the job requires proficiency in building software with codes. You will also have to design and plan video games for game consoles, phones, and laptops. Video game programming pays handsomely, and you get to enjoy playing the games while you work. For a beginner, you will need to learn coding languages such as Java and C. You will need to have a desire for concept art, digital graphics, multimedia design, and motion animation.

Web Development

Web development is an ideal career for any beginner since there are minimal entry requirements. However, you will need to have web design skills, although you will spend most of your time creating, modifying, or installing portfolios using CSS and HTML tools. It takes little time to learn the web design basics, and the best part is that you get to do it at your convenience. It’s important to note that there is a huge demand for web designers, and you can earn up to $50 per hour provided that you deliver on good quality. 

Freelancing has become popular in recent years since people struggle to make ends meet, and working from home is a viable option. With freelancing, you get to work at your convenience, and the chances are high that you will earn more than the routine office job. It would help if you tried a freelance job, and for once get to do a job that you enjoy.