The Perks of Being a VIP Client

The Perks of Being a VIP Client

Competition is the most significant driver of quality among modern businesses. Everyone wants to have the best reputation and draw most customers, if not all, in the current online and offline market. Over the years, business operators have come up with viable means to build enduring relationships with their customers. One of the most effective, although ignored by many enterprises, is the customer VIP programs. If you possess a member’s card from your favorite retailer or supermarket, then you know what I am talking about.

Every time you spend, the VIP program entitles you to a certain number of points, which can later be redeemed in the form of tangibles or services. This system is widely used in online platforms, and it has come in handy for online customers. We want you to get your money’s worth from different platforms and outlets; this blog is about the benefits of being a VIP client in various industries.

Who is a VIP Client and How to Become One

In simple terms, a VIP client is a priority customer to a business. Even though they strive to treat every customer equally, enterprises try their best to have a customer profile to know who deserves incentives. You might have come across priority customers, for instance, in the banking industry, who receive the undivided attention of the administration regardless of how little their issue is. 

Think of someone who visits a hotel or club more frequently than ordinary customers. The hotel would be willing to provide this type of customer their utmost best to ascertain customer loyalty. However, joining a special VIP program requires effort from the customers too. The VIP profile is meant for the top customers to prevent businesses from losing money to passerby customers. Points have to be earned through frequent appearances. Other Programs identify this group by the amount they spend, regardless of whether they are frequent customers or not.

Businesses advertise such information on their websites or premises. Shopping centers, for example, award points, which you may redeem into vouchers or special prizes. You may also redeem in the form of discounts. Let’s review different VIP customer incentives offered by top industries. 

Flight Customer VIP Privileges

The Perks of Being a VIP Client

Some flights award points to frequent travelers. These are redeemable, and they help cut down ticket charges. They can also redeem to get free drinks and food. However, the most common method among most airlines is the extra charge VIP programs. Passengers can opt to pay more than the rest to get privileged treatment from the point of arrival at the airport all through to the other end. 

Some of the privileges include escort on arrival into private suites for check-in. The staff might also handle baggage free of charge, moving point to point as you walk stress-free. You could also order a drink in luxury as the staff confirms your tickets. You can then get a free drive to the aircraft and escorted into a priority cabin separate from other passengers. 

Casino VIP privileges

Especially in countries with a competitive casino industry like Australia, the well established local operators try to show their appreciation by offering special casino VIP loyalty programs to their loyal customers, who, in return, get motivated to continue gambling locally. 

Loyal casino gamblers are entitled to privileges such as doubling their deposit, bonuses, and so much more. Casinos ensure their most loyal customers keep coming back by helping them secure money for the next wager if they lose. However, only a percentage of the initial deposit would be compensated to ensure the casino also reserves some of its profits. Loyalty is also rewarded in the form of money or prize bonuses. Casinos keep track of the most significant gambling dates for their VIP players so that they can strategically award prizes. Bonuses can also be added during active gambling to boost wagers. Similarly, the support team handles complaints from VIP clients directly.

Hotel VIP Privileges 

Hotels are perhaps one of the most rewarding among businesses. However, not all hotels offer such programs. You, therefore, best ensure a hotel provides VIP programs. The best offers exist in the most luxurious hotels but demand significant investment.

If you manage to raise a considerable deal of points, you can enjoy free nights at a high-end room/ penthouse or opt to have one of the unique services available. These services may include helicopter flights or luxurious boat rides around top destinations.

Some hotels also offer free upgrades and free meals, mostly for the breakfast package or room service. You can also enjoy free internet or a health club membership. Frequent VIP customers particularly love the free guaranteed booking whenever they need accommodation.

If you do not compromise on value when spending, a VIP program will serve you best. The options are not limited to those mentioned above as each business has its unique list of privileges.