The Perks of Plantation Shutters When Installed At Home

The Perks of Plantation Shutters When Installed At Home

One of the main reasons that allow you to decorate your windows with curtains or shutters is the light. The amount of light you want in your room lets you decide how your window coverings should be. 

If you want complete darkness like in the bedroom, then blackout curtains or blinds are the right choices. And if you want sunlight to enter into places like the living room, then sheer curtains are the ideal option. So, light plays as the main deciding factor when you want to choose your window coverings. 

However, if you are not able to decide and want optimal lighting in your room, then plantation shutters are the best option. 

What are plantation shutters?

These shutters have slats similar to blinds and are characterized by wooden panels. Instead of pulling them up and down, plantation shutters are just like doors that you have to open and close. The gaps between the wooden panels give you the light in your room that seems enough wherever you install them.

So, in simple words, plantation shutters are like the doors to your windows which consists of wooden panels that resemble shutters. 

Why these shutters are beneficial?

Whenever you’re choosing shades for your windows, you should consider factors like energy efficiency, the amount of light entering, privacy, and of course, style. 

In residential settings, you’d want to have window coverings that give you privacy and enough shade at your home. And in commercial settings, you’d want blinds that give you maximum functionality like shade and ease of movement. 

Plantation shutters score the maximum points in each factor. Whether you are looking for light control, privacy or style – these shutters are the best and give your home a unique and stylish look. Read tips for a successful home improvement project.

The only drawback is that these shutters may not be set in commercial settings. The design and pattern of plantation shutters are more suitable at home. 

Now let’s see the benefits of plantation shutters that can convince you to install them at your home:

  • Efficient use of your energy

The plantation shutters are designed in such a way that they lock right up to their windows. This design is energy-efficient because it traps the inside air and doesn’t allow the outside air. It means you get a warm room in cold winters that makes you depend less on the air conditioners.

Moreover, you get enough light into the room so that it doesn’t seem too dark or shady. It’s helpful during hot summer days where it allows only light and not the hot air inside the room. This double-feature of plantation shutters allows less consumption of your electricity which means low power bills. It’s one of the major advantages for families who are looking at cutting down their expenses. 

  • Maintaining shutters is easy

There are different types of plantation shutters available in the market (in terms of both colour and pattern), and maintaining them all is an easy task. It’s because of the way these shutters are structured. As the frames and panels of plantation shutters have some friction, you can use a dust cloth to wipe down the dust and dirt. If you want to vacuum, use a simple cleaner brush that sufficiently cleans the shutters. 

It’s a huge advantage over the other window coverings like curtains or blinds as you don’t have to worry about cloth damage, colour fading, broken rings, etc. It saves you a lot of time and money in terms of cleaning.

  • Long-lasting shutters

Plantation shutters are made from sturdy materials like wood, composite and other synthetic materials. It means they can withstand heavy wear and tear that you don’t normally see in other window coverings. 

Even if you install them in humid and steamy areas like the kitchen or bathroom and in the areas with heavy sun exposure, they won’t be any damage in any form. So, these shutters tend to last long which means you don’t have to change them like you have to do for curtains or blinds. 

  • Effective light control

Plantation shutters provide the best light control mechanism when compared to all the other window coverings. As these are fixed to the windows, you can avoid the light escaping from the sides and corners of the windows. And as the panels are adjustable, you can have the exact amount of lighting you want in your room. 

  • Safe for children and pets

Curtains or blinds are made of chewy materials which your pets can damage with their teeth and claws. And if you have small children, they can damage the material by playing or clutching on to them.

The plantation shutters are safe for children and pets as they don’t include chords that are reachable at low levels. As these shutters are adjusted with the levers attached to them, you don’t have to worry about them causing any harm to your children or pets. 

So, these are the few perks you can enjoy when you install these shutters at your home. You can also install them outside places like balconies, etc. (Read here: why do you need outdoor plantation shutters at your home). You can enjoy several benefits when compared to the other window coverings like curtains and blinds.