The Prodigy’s Maxim fronts new project We Are Noize, unveils debut single

The Prodigy fans, listen up! While there is still no information on when the band’s sixth album ‘How To Steal A Jet Fighter’ will be released, Maxim Reality is fronting a brand new project.

It’s called We Are Noize and they are set to release their debut single ‘Dollar Flick’ on Monday, May 12th.
We Are Noize have one rule: there is no rule. Their aim is to “create music outside the norm, without limits or boundaries”. If you have a look at their website, you’ll see there are 11 more songs waiting to be unveiled, with titles ranging from ‘Hijack The World’ to ‘Generation Burn’ and ‘Hooligan’.

Listen for yourself below to the springy, bass-heavy ‘Dollar Flick’ and watch this space for more news from We Are Noize.