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The secret garden party. A large ‘secret’ field in the countryside of Cambridge is the setting to possibly the greatest festival that Britain has to offer. It’s here that The Secret Garden Party annually holds an event unlike any other. What started off just six years ago with one thousand people is now one of the fastest growing festivals around, with over 17,000 ‘Gardeners’ attending this year.
‘Fact or Fiction’ was the theme as the ‘Head Gardeners’ actively encouraged guests to dress as audaciously as possible, and they weren’t disappointed, as everywhere you looked people took up the challenge, from the characters of The Wind In The Willows riding a boat around the great lake to a clan of Badgers accidentally terrifying those passing by them during the night. It is the night when The Secret Garden Party truly comes to life, with its reputation as one of the most out-there festivals well founded; where entertainment and adventures take a front seat to the music, there is really no boundaries to what you can do.
Not that the music isn’t great too; this year Fionn Regan, I Blame Coco, Marina and the Diamonds, Mercury Rev and the Gorrilaz Sound System (the music behind Damon Albarn’s innovative group) were just some of the acts to play, in addition to the below-the-radar but equally brilliant musical talent from hundreds of other acts.
The highlight for many has to be the traditional burning of the centre-piece on the Saturday night, this year it was a time-travelling blimp named ‘Kronos 101′, positioned in the middle of the great lake, where boats would take you to dance day or night, but by Saturday night the last of the boats had left and soon after the whole thing went up in a ball of flames, accompanied by a spectacular fireworks display, to the on-lookers delight.
This year even saw the luxurious camping brought back, where some happy campers could rent out cabins with televisions and beds just to make their stay more enjoyable. Not that they would have needed them much though; most people didn’t get to bed before five in the morning, and the party still never truly finishes after that. Even Monday morning (as most people were preparing to go) there were tents with music playing, entertaining those who just weren’t yet ready to let the dream go. The secret garden party.

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By Tom Sowerby

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