The Top 5 Kayaking Destinations in the UK: Adventure Guide

Top 5 Kayaking Destinations in the UK

Are you stuck on where to go for your next kayaking adventure in the UK? I am here to help you. Whether you are looking for a leisure paddling trip or experiencing some adrenaline rush along the waters, I got you covered. Here I present the top 5 kayaking destinations in the UK that let you enjoy the wonders of nature as you paddle along the waters.

Check them below and put them on your bucket list for an unforgettable life experience!

Top 5 kayaking destinations in the UK

1. River Wye, Wales

River Wye is the fifth-longest river in the UK that stretches for an excellent 215km making it one of the popular kayaking destinations. You can start your kayaking adventure in Glasbury and head towards Symonds Yat in the river valley. The complete trip will take you 5 days, and you can opt to paddle a section if you are there for a day. 

The starting point presents calm and gentle waters with some adrenaline-pumping rapids as you approach the end. Therefore, the destination is good for intermediaries who can paddle the rapids. 

The Wye valley, i.e., the lower part, presents an amazing beauty that makes your trip wholesome. As you kayak down the river, the sight of the black mountains over you is breathtaking.  If you intend to spend more than a day there, you can opt to pitch tents at campsites along the way or at 18th century Harp that overlooks the river. 

2. The Lake District, Cumbria

Enjoy the outstanding beauty of the Lake District and its surrounding through kayaking. The place gives you exciting and simple kayaking as its waters are plenty and peaceful. Therefore, the lake is suitable for beginners and tourers who want to experience the serenity of the place without an adrenaline rush.

You will find many lakes to explore, and one such is the Derwentwater. The lake is special as it gives you a chance to spot local wildlife, making it more magical. Besides, the lake is surrounded by stunning mountains that present a wonderful sight to behold. The excitement doesn’t end there; you can come across small islands in the lake due to its whopping depth of 72 feet. 

3. Great Glen Canoe Trail, Scotland

This is one of the finest waterways in Scotland that lets you paddle from coast to coast for about 96km. The adventure takes you from Fort William through a couple of man-made canals to Inverness. The 60 miles canal has an abundance of the country’s famous Loch, including Loch Ness, one of the biggest myths in Scotland. 

If you intend to complete the trail, then plan a 3-5 day trip. You will complete the trail as you also camp along with the dazzling places. The spectacular wilderness surrounding the trail as you paddle down the waters is a sight to behold. 

Due to the presence of lochs, you will need to have experience in open water. However, there are organized expeditions available for beginners. 

4. North Devon, England 

The inlets, coves, and finest beaches in North Devon grant you a perfect landscape for kayaking. You can kayak on Lee Bay beach, Watermouth cove, or Combe Martin. 

The crystal clear waters in Lee Bay beach, the quaint sandy beach, and amazing views make the location perfect for kayaking. You can also take rock pools adventure and discover seabirds and marine life attracted by the rocky borders. Due to clear water, you can easily spot the seaweed and fish underwater as you paddle along.

Watermouth Cove is another amazing kayaking place in North Devon. The place is secluded, granting you a peaceful paddling experience perfect if you desire solitude in the waters. After you are done paddling in the waters, you can take some time to relax along the beautiful beaches or enjoy picnic time in scenic surroundings.

You can also consider exploring the waters in Combe Martin of North Devon. The blue waters full of marine life, coves, and rock pools present a beautiful kayaking experience.

5. Kielder Water and Forest Park, Northumberland

Kielder is the largest forest in England with the biggest man-made lake in Northern Europe where you can enjoy various water sports. Though you can find a multitude of kayaking places in Northumberland, Kielder keeps you enthralled all day. The lake is suitable for both novices and expert kayakers.

You can easily sport the red squirrel as you paddle the lake since about 50% of the population inhabits the place. After a long day in the water, you can enjoy walks and bike cycling along beautiful trails that encircles Kielder’s shoreline. 

Key Insights & Takeaways!

Although I have highlighted 5 kayaking destinations in the UK worth adventuring to, there are other places you can kayak on. Most visitors have given the ones I mentioned a 5 rating, and you should put them on your to-do list on your kayaking expeditions. 

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