Things To Do Before You Take Your Dog On a Travel

Things To Do Before You Take Your Dog On a Travel

Dogs are notoriously restless travelers. While bringing your favorite furry companion along can make your adventure more exciting, it does call for a lot of preparation, organization, and planning. In this guide, we’ve compiled the most important steps any sensible owner must follow prior to their departure. This will ensure a safe and comfortable voyage with your dog, no matter the purpose of the trip or the destination!

Health and Safety

The first thing to consider before setting off is your dog’s health. Bring them to the vet for a full check-up, especially before an extended trip. Make sure all their vaccinations are up-to-date and keep shot records with you. You’ll need this certification if there’s flying involved. Next, if possible, pack a supply of their regular food along with bottled water for optimal hydration. Medications should be purchased in advance as well. In cases of emergency, be sure to look for a local vet’s contact information.


If you happen to be traveling overseas, preparing all necessary documentation is a must. Your dog will need a valid pet passport to make it past immigration, which can be acquired at a vet practitioner’s office. Once at your destination, be sure to carry a sturdy collar and leash to keep your dog closeby. The collar should mention his name, your name, and a phone number in the event they wander off and get lost. You might also want to consider a permanent identification like a microchip implant.

Traveling By Car

While your dog may love a nice car ride, traveling in a vehicle for several hours can be tiresome and take a toll. To minimize discomfort and guarantee a pleasant road trip, make sure to stop every now and then for exercise and potty breaks. The canine enthusiasts at also recommend some safety measures on board, such as keeping the car well-ventilated and not letting your dog stick their head out the window to prevent eye injury. Having them ride in the back of an open trunk is a big no-no. There are more of these practical tips to learn by consulting specialized guides and online blogs.


Flying aboard a plane inside a crate can be a very uneasy experience for dogs, given the tight space and often cold temperatures. As such, getting your pet used to being in a crate will certainly alleviate the burden of a long flight. Remember that airlines have different regulations and services. Always be sure to inquire as to pet travel with the airline in question, and make arrangements accordingly. Consulting federal regulations will also come in handy to avoid running into any problems. Ultimately, your dog will be your responsibility, so make sure you’re thoroughly prepared.

All things considered, traveling with a pet doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, provided you take all necessary precautions to ensure their health, safety, and comfort. Pack some of their favorite toys, blankies, snacks, and other essentials to recreate the sensation of being at home and prevent cases of anxiety. With these tips in mind, you’re bound to have a memorable adventure!