Things to Do in 5 states – “Four Lions” Movie Ticket Giveaway by BBM

Things to Do in 5 states - "Four Lions" Movie Ticket Giveaway by BBM


“Four Lions” Movie Ticket Giveaway by BBM at NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA

If Chris Morris’s career has one common theme running through it, it’s that he’s not scared to piss people off. His brand of humour is the stuff that makes you laugh and then recoil in discomfort and wonder if anyone just saw you laugh at an AIDS joke.

With his debut feature film, Four Lions, Morris, of Brass Eye and The Day to Day fame, decided to take on the monster in the closet that everyone seems scared to talk about let alone poke fun at.

The film is a jihad satire about four would-be Islamist terrorists from Sheffield who plan a terrorist attack on London Marathon by blowing themselves up.

BBM has 20 tickets to view an advanced screening of Four Lions. If you’re interested contact, Mr. Richard Gadsby, at [email protected].

When: 13, 14, 15 August 2010
Where: NSW Palace Verona and Dendy Newtown; VIC Nova, Kino and Jam Factory; QLD Palace Barracks; SA Palace Nova Eastend; WA Luna Leederville

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