Things to Do in Australia – Water Skiing


Things to Do in Australia – Water Skiing

BOBBING up and down in the water, I grip onto the handle of the ropes attached to the speedboat maybe ten meters in front of me. Peter, my instructor leans over the back of his vessel and gives them a final tug, presumably to check they won’t snap off while I’m in the midst of another perfectly timed somersault. The engine is fired up and I feel the adrenalin start to kick in. Just enough time for a few, short, sharp breaths. “You ready?” Peter shouts, cupping his hands around his mouth. “Er…Yeah,” I scream back, the self-doubt evident from the wavering in my voice. Peter takes the helm at the steering wheel and pushes the throttle leaver forward. 

The acceleration leaves me with no time to think. Suddenly I’m moving forward in the water at an alarming rate. The skis attached to my feet feel clumsy and awkward as my unbalanced frame begins rising out of the water. Then, before I know it, I’m on my feet. Wow, I’m actually on my feet. I can do this. I lean back a little, gripping onto the handlebars, loving the liberating feeling of speed that is only enhanced through the relatively small surface area of my skis. I let out a girly whoop of exhilaration, even daring to take one hand momentarily off the handlebar to pump my fist at a couple of people watching from the shore.

Then I see the glassy surface of the water maybe two or three inches from my nose. Suddenly I’m underwater, then I’m in the air again, then back underwater for a second.

It really should have occurred to me to let go of the rope once I’d lost control but some dogged side of me truly believed I could make some kind of heroic recovery. Eventually, reason takes over, I concede defeat and let the rope turn slack in the water.

Wiping out is a bit of a shock to the system initially but once you get into it, the whole waterskiing experience is incredible. You can go solo but it’s a good idea to go as a small group together and make a day of it. This is particularly fun as watching your mates plow through the water is almost as enjoyable as taking part yourself.
Each ski run takes about 15 minutes, with participants being alternated one at a time.

It’s fairly knackering so do a few press-ups to get in shape before you go. If some of your mates are too scared to try waterskiing, many places offer added activities such as being towed along in one of those ridiculous inflatable doughnuts, boat surfing or kneeboarding. Those who watch too much Fuel TV may also consider wakeboarding as it’s generally regarded as a slightly cooler way of doing things.

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