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    Things to do in Bali

    Australia Stopovers: A Health Retreat In Bali

    yoga health retreat in bali

    Bali is beautiful. An Indonesian island of rice paddies, sacred mountains, ancient temples, glorious sunsets, uninterrupted nature and a laidback ambiance, it’s unlike anything we have in the west. If you’re travelling to or from Australia, Bali makes the perfect ...

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    24 Hours in Seminyak

    Seminyak Travel Guide

    BBMLive’s Kemi Lawrence gives us her very own guide on how to spend 24 hours in Seminyak, Bali, should you find yourself on a stop off… Stopping over on the way to Australia? Or sliding by on the start of ...

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    6 Things You Have To Do In Bali

    Shipwreck Diving in Bali

    Bali: More Than Just Downtime There are hundreds of reasons to visit Bali from the epic waves to the bustling nightlife, but here are 6 things you have to experience whilst visiting Bali to make the most out of your ...

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    Indonesia Group Trips

    Indonesia Group tours

    Take a 20 day Indonesia group trip across the Indonesian archipelago. Made up of over 17,000 islands, a trip to Indonesia is the adventure to end all adventures. Indonesia presents everything from island paradises to bustling markets, retreats, ancient temples, diverse terrain ...

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    Explore Incredible Bali

    gili islands bali tour

    Bali in Indonesia is a stunning, cultural haven. So what better way to experience it than on a nine-day adventure with Balintro? You will be eased into Bali life immediately once you are picked up from the airport and taken ...

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    Bali’s Ubud Food Festival 2016

    food tours perth

    Visit one of Asia’s top food festivals If you ever needed an excuse to visit the tropical paradise of Ubud, the second annual Food Festival is most definitely a good one. Southeast Asia’s most exciting new event will showcase Indonesia’s diverse cuisine, ...

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    The Yoga Travel Company

    woman doing yoga outside

    Providing retreats in Bali, Kangaroo Valley, Byron Bay, and recently-announced India, The Yoga Travel Company is for those that want to immerse themselves in the yoga experience. But be warned, this is not a holiday. While all activities are optional and ...

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    New Adventure Trip Launches In Bali

    man with monkey on his shoulder in Bali

    The guys behind OzIntro and ThaIntro have launched a new trip to Bali. Full of incredible experiences, Balintro is the perfect accompaniment to your trip to or from Australia. A fascinating country of ancient temples, glorious beaches, natural beauty, exotic ...

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