Things to do in Rockingham 2024

Day Trip by Train to Rockingham Western Australia

Things to do in Rockingham 2024

Since the 19th century, people have journeyed to Rockingham primarily to sightsee and spot wildlife.  Further, Rockingham offers many other water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, cruising, snorkelling, diving, paddle boarding and walking trails.  Moreover, you can find beautiful expanses of safe beaches and environmental parks.  Here are some enjoyable features, along with many diverse dining experiences.

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Dome Café

Dome Café serves its customers through over 65 outlets around Australia.  Therefore, you are never far from a Dome Café.  Here is a place where you can order anything you like whenever you want it.  This could be a Big Breakfast for dinner, a stack of Pancakes for lunch or a Chicken Parmigiana for breakfast.  Choose from all-day breakfasts, salads, hot kitchen classics, etc.

Address: 2/15, Kent Street, WA 6168, Australia

Phone: 61 08 9527 3766


Latitude 32

Enjoy tender, succulent, juicy, flavour-filled, off-the-grill steaks and an outstanding wine list, seated by the sea.  Latitude 32, Rockingham’s premier steak and seafood venue, sits precisely on the coordinate L32 overlooking the white-sand beaches of Cockburn Sound.  Choose from a mouth-watering café menu of fresh seafood, crisp salads, slow-roasted ribs, and delicious desserts.

Address: 7/8, The Boardwalk, #1 Railway Terrace, Rockingham, WA 6168, Australia.

Phone: 61 08 9592 8881


Safety Bay Beach

Spend a day sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, cruising, snorkelling or diving to encounter amazing marine life at Safety Bay Beach of Rockingham.  Enjoy the fresh afternoon breeze in summer, which is especially good for sailing and windsurfing at this beach.  The flat sheltered waters of the bay are perfect for paddleboarding, jet skiing and jetpacking adventures.

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Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Have the fantastic experience of being guided into the water amongst the swimming dolphins!  Snorkel and enjoy the fantastic dolphin show going off below, with the looping and spinning dolphins just inches away from you.  These adorable, intelligent and social creatures have as much fun as we do!  Be fascinated with their natural behaviours, such as hunting, mating and sleeping.

Day Trip to Rockingham from Mandurah
Bottlenose dolphins sometimes show curiosity towards humans in or near water. Occasionally, they rescue injured divers by raising them to the surface. They also do this to help injured members of their species.

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

∙ Penguin Island

Firstly, visit Penguin Island, home to the world’s smallest penguins.  The penguins, sea birds, sea lions, dolphins and pelicans call this island home.  Penguin Island, which lies off the shore of Rockingham, is accessible by ferry from there.  Admire the colonies of little penguins in their natural habitat or come face-to-face with these adorable creatures at the Discovery Centre.

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∙ Cape Peron / Point Peron

Secondly, visit Point Peron and swim, snorkel or explore the small bays and rocky outcrops.  The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park surrounds Point Peron.  It attracts an array of marine life, such as turtles, manta rays, sharks, dugongs, dolphins and fish, as it sits on two major currents.  However, it is best known for its contrasting white sands to red cliffs and blue waters.

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Lake Richmond

View the critically endangered thrombolite community from a boardwalk at the scenic Lake Richmond.  These are built by micro-organisms that resemble the earliest life forms on Earth.  Further, take the 3 km Anne Mueller Environmental Walk.  Admire the waterbirds such as the Australian pelican, shelduck, black swan, musk duck etc. that populate Lake Richmond.

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Baldivis Karnup Wine Trail

Taste the flavours of local and national award-winning wineries located on the Baldivis Karnup Wine Trail.  These locally owned and operated wineries contribute to the greater Peel Wine Region, one of the most promising wine regions.  It is situated in the Tuart soils of the Rockingham hinterland.  This wine trail will turn out to be a great day out with your friends!

Aboriginal Cultural Tours

Rockingham delivers many Aboriginal Cultural Tours that positively educate and showcase Aboriginal culture in Western Australia.  The tours cover various features that are based upon history, facts and creation stories that are hundreds of years old.  Learn about mixed elements, cultural understanding and sensitivity from your tours.  Here are some of the interesting features;

Aboriginal culture near Darwin and Northern Territory
Aboriginal Australians are the various Indigenous peoples of the Australian mainland and many of its islands, such as Fraser Island, Hinchinbrook Island, the Tiwi Islands, and Groote Eylandt, but excluding the Torres Strait Islands.

∙ Artwork

The Aboriginal artwork, which is the dot paintings, tells you the creation stories of a period hundreds of years ago.  They portray the culture, traditions and language of the Aboriginal community of Australia.  The artwork is passed down from generation to generation.

∙ Spirituality

Learn all about the spirituality of the Aboriginal people through enchanting Dreamtime stories.  However, only a small part of these stories are yet revealed to outsiders.

∙ Lifestyle

Satiate your taste buds and your curiosity by enjoying some of their food such as wattle seed cakes during your tour.

Things To Do In Rockingham If You Are 18

Swim with Wild Dolphins (meet the boat in Rockingham) Swim with Wild Dolphins (including Perth CBD & Burswood Crown Hotel transfers)
Dolphin Swim Tour – A Lifetime Experience Penguin Island Adventure Tour

Perth’s much-loved city of Rockingham is a sun lovers haven. A place famous for sightings of penguins and sea lions, the area is ideal for young adults to enjoy an adventure while touring Western Australia. Here’s a list of things to do in Rockingham if you are 18.

Plan To Explore The Baldivis Karnup Wine Trail

The Baldivis Karnup wine trail makes up one of Western Australia’s most favourable wine regions. Rockingham locals own all of the 5 wineries located along the trail. And since the wineries are easy to reach from the Rockingham city centre and are close to each other, planning a wine-tasting trail with friends is one of the recommended things to do in Rockingham if you are 18.

Soak Up The Sun At Cape Peron

For all you young adults hoping to chill on the beach and soak up some sun, Cape Peron is the ideal escape. There, you can look forward to healthy and fun things to do in Rockingham if you are 18, as the area promises stunning beaches to chill on, coupled with loads of swimming.

Day Trips from Perth by Train Rockingham Guildford Swan Valley Fremantle
Cape Peron is a headland at Rockingham, at the southern end of Cockburn Sound in Western Australia. The cape is locally known as Point Peron and is noted for its protected beaches, limestone cliffs, reefs and panoramic views. Cape Peron includes the suburb of Peron and “Point Peron” is the designation of a minor promontory on the south side of the cape’s extremity.

Enjoy Some Off Shore Adventure At Cape Peron

Apart from lures of swimming and working on your tan Cape Peron is ideal for an adventure. Take on the walking trails and savour the sunny surroundings. And check out the off-shore reefs. Mushroom Rocks and Point Peron are ideal for a spot of snorkelling amongst the caves and corals. Other fun things to do in Rockingham if you are 18, and out to make memories, are trekking up the rugged sea cliffs and indulging in a bout of fishing on the beach.

Plan A Day Out With Friends To Lake Cooloongup

Once connected to the ocean, Lake Cooloongup is a naturally saline body of water. Located within the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park the lake is replenished by rainwater and springs underground. The rugged area is a treat to explore. And is home to many nature trails to enjoy a refreshing hike through. Due to the area’s appeal as an outdoor attraction, for the adventure-loving young adults, Lake Cooloongup is ideal for discovering energetic things to do in Rockingham if you are 18.

Spend A Day With The Cute Penguins

Penguin Island is only 5 minutes via ferry from the shores of Rockingham. The island is a haven for the world’s smallest species of penguins. In addition to being a loved habitat for other critters. Seeing on and around the island are pelicans, dolphins, sea lions and sea birds. Of course, the penguins are the star attraction there and in case they do allude your visit, head over to the Discovery Centre for close encounters with the adorable creatures.

Chill On Fab Rockingham Beach

The best place to obtain a fabulous tan is Rockingham Beach. Head out there with a bunch of friends and savour the pleasures of seaside fun. Enjoy walking far out to sea while the shallow water levels remain less than knee-deep. The ideal place to watch a sunset, picnic and hang out after dusk with friends.  Rockingham Beach is also perfect to try some paddle boarding for more laughs and fun on the ocean.

Kite Surf At Safety Bay Beach

Another ode to Australia’s fabulous beaches is Safety Bay Beach. The place is framed by rocky islets and little sandbanks located off-shore. Hence, the bay is gentle with low waves and ideal wind conditions to enjoy the thrills of kite surfing. End the day with a picnic on the grassy beach under the shade of swaying trees.

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Rockingham visitor center

lake richmond rockingham
Lake Richmond is a freshwater lake in Rockingham, Western Australia. It is approximately 1,000 m × 600 m, with an area of 40 ha, and is 15 m deep in the centre. It is believed to be named after the London borough. It is part of Rockingham Lakes Regional Park. visit Western Australia