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    Things to do in Romania

    Touring Romania and Eastern Europe

    Cris castle-Transylvania

    Tourist are welcomed in Romania the real middle earth. Come and visit this remarkable young Eastern European country which has preserved its heritage and customs to this day. This is the first of many articles about Eastern Europe and its ...

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    10 best places to eat in Bucharest

    caru cu bere sign bucharest

      Looking for a restaurant in Bucharest? Well, here is a selection of 10 unique and affordable places to eat. Caru cu Bere. Since 1879, they have been serving up a variety of typical Romanian dishes. They offer huge portions ...

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    10 best places to visit in Bucharest

    Union of Architects of Romania bulding

    Bucharest hides a lot of great places. In this article we are going to take a walk through the Romanian metropolis’ less known but beautiful places. The only building in Romania included among the strangest buildings in the world that ...

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    Journey Back In Time To Maramureș, Romania

    merry cemetery sapanta romania

    Home of magnificent wooden churches, legendary treasures, breath taking landscapes and ancient traditions, this is Maramureș, a great geographical and ethno-cultural region in Northwest Romania (bordering Ukraine in the north, Satu Mare county in the west). The culture, traditions and ...

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