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    Things to do in Vietnam

    Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    Ha Long Bay Vietnam

    The history of Vietnam is deep and painful, but when you get to witness the spots of paradise that still retain the beautiful and natural landscape, it will leave you appreciating the opportunity of seeing old Vietnam, as it’s of ...

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    Adventure Tours To Vietnam

    exploring vietnam

    An ever increasingly popular destination for travellers in southeast Asia, Vietnam is a one stop shop for culture, adventure, and natural beauty. Explore Vietnam On A Group Adventure Tour From the bustling capital of Hanoi to the banks of the ...

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    Exploring Vietnam With Contiki

    exploring vietnam

    South East Asia is top of most travellers’ hit list and we totally understand why! Visiting the variety of exotic countries and islands allows you to enjoy some of the most unforgettable experiences in the world. Vietnam is a country ...

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    Contiki Vietnam Experience Review

    contiki vietnam experience

      Amanda Kerr lives in Brisbane, and chose to travel with Contiki for her first trip to Asia. Here, she takes us though her Vietnam Experience and what to expect on the 12-day journey through South East Asia. Our Contiki ...

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    Travel To Hoi An Vietnam

    boats on river in Hoi An, Vietnam

    Cobbled stoned streets form the pathways around the beautiful and laid-back town of Hoi An. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for those who want to explore at their own pace and use the time to rejuvenate themselves. Hoi An, Vietnam ...

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