Things You Can Do When in Florida

Things You Can Do When in Florida

The United States has many beautiful places where you could spend a lovely vacation, whether it is with your family or on your own. Yet, few places compare to Florida. The Sunshine State has a lot to offer its visitors, from natural landscapes to imaginative journeys into majestic fictional worlds.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that there are no states like Florida in the entire country, and you will see that for yourself upon your first visit. It is best that you go prepared, though, because you can easily get overwhelmed by the many things you can experience there.

These are some great things that you can do when in Florida.

Walt Disney World

It goes without saying that Walt Disney World will top just about every list with suggestions of activities to do in Florida. It is the number one tourist attraction in the state, and for good reason.

This majestic and huge amusement park has something for everyone. Kids will love it, as will adults, and everyone is guaranteed to have a good time. You will have a chance to experience incredible rides like the Space Mountain, while your kids will get to meet all their favorite Disney characters and then some.

The Beach

If Disney World is the number one attraction in Florida, then beaches are probably a close second. You can’t visit the state without stopping by Miami Beach or Clearwater Beach.

The water is crystal clear and you will find thousands of other people enjoying the sunny weather and the great view. You might also want to visit the Bahia Honda State Park, which is arguably Florida’s greatest beach because this is a park and therefore it is in its natural state.

Art Basel

If you are more into art, you need to check out Art Basel. This international art fair hosts three shows per year, one of which is at Miami Beach, and it displays thousands of works from contemporary artists.

It would be a great break when vacationing to check out this art fair. This also gives you a great chance to unleash your inner art critic, as you could go back to your hotel room or condo and enjoy a nice, quiet evening afterward while talking about the sculptures, paintings, and photographs you’ve enjoyed that day.

Universal Studios

This is a must-see destination for film buffs. You can find Universal Studios in Orlando, and it is one of the best amusement parks in the country, not to mention an actual working film and TV studio.

You can enjoy a variety of rides and experiences that are all based on films released by the renowned studios. From Harry Potter roller coasters to Jurassic Park river adventures, fans of cinema and entertainment, in general, are going to have a blast in these theme parks.

Busch Gardens

For a more nature-inspired experience, make sure to visit Busch Gardens where you can enjoy roller coaster rides, safaris, and much more amid some gorgeous scenery. More importantly, this park is home to thousands of animals of varying species.

So, you’re basically enjoying an amusement park experience in a zoo, and it is definitely worth paying this place a visit.

Things You Can Do When in Florida

Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos is one of the oldest forts in the US and is the oldest known one made out of masonry. Located at the shore of Florida’s historic St. Augustine city, this legendary fort was built by Spanish troops amid colonial disputes with the English. It stood the test of time due to its unique design, and it is a popular tourist attraction to this day.

Salvador Dali Museum

Fans of the famous artist would love this museum before they even set foot inside. This structure has a peculiar design, reflecting the artist’s eccentric personality, some would say. It looks like a giant glass egg, two actually, coming out of a building.

This museum is home to an incredible collection of Dali’s work as well as a background on the artist’s life. It is a great visit for art enthusiasts and anyone really, offering a uniquely interesting experience with much to admire.

There are too many cool things to do in Florida to list in one article. There’s even the Daytona 500, one of NASCAR’s most popular races, held in Daytona Beach, and travelers can visit it throughout the year, even when there is no race, to admire the location.

Whatever it is you decide to do in Florida, try to plan ahead. Winging it can get overwhelming because there is so much to do and little time to do it. So, find a vacation rental, first, and then plan your holiday.