Tim Burgess


TimBurgessThe Charlatans fans should start getting excited because the British rock sensation are heading back to Australia to celebrate the release of their latest album ‘Who We Touch.’ It is only the second time in a career that has spanned two decades that the guys have graced our shores. We were lucky enough to catch up with leading man Tim Burgess who is absolutely pumped to be heading back down under to promote his proudest work to date.
“I think our music has changed a lot over time,” says Tim. “Our first album, ‘Some Friendly’ was a really fun new experience because it was something I had wanted to do for my entire life. Our fourth album, called ‘The Charlatans’ was a really good one too. The fifth album ‘Telling Stories’ was really a lot of fun but the eleventh album ‘Who We Touch’ is obviously my favourite because it is the latest and we have put so much work into it.”
On where he draws his inspiration from, Tim profoundly explains, “I wanted to make a record that kind of felt like an European Autumn. I just wanted it to have an Autumnal feel to it really. Fresh and crisp,” he explains.
“I read somewhere that the world spins in the tone of f-sharp so I wanted to write the first few tracks on the album in f-sharp to attract people’s attention.”
We as mere mortals couldn’t begin to understand what on earth he is going on about, but on listening to the album it is clear that the band know their stuff and have once again come up with a bold and inspiring new album. With each album over the years proving to be radically different from the last, The Charlatans have shown beyond doubt that they still deserve their place on top of the charts 20 years on.
“I just tried to work through a lot of ideas to make a record that would be really important to everybody in the world,” he says. And we don’t think the world will be disappointed.
‘Who We Touch’ is huge for The Charlatans. At times you may hear resonance, or tributes, reflecting music the band as a whole admire and draw inspiration from. But they are still definitely themselves, only remodelled, with new energy and new imagination.
Tim and the band are overjoyed with the fact they are heading back to Australia. The last time they were here two years ago, it was only a quick two-day tour. This time they are here for six days and are looking forward to not only taking over our stages, but also seeing the sights.
“I used to have a koala bear when I was a kid, but a stuffed one, like a teddy bear. I love bears. I love polar bears and I like koala bears,” and after hearing about the fact that koala bears spend most of their time drunk off eating eucalyptus leaves, Tim is all the more excited to meet one!
Over the years the guys have had innumerable highlights. “We have had a bunch of number one albums which was really kind of unexpected,” says Tim modestly.
“We love playing the V festival in Britain. This year was the seventh time we have played it and it is always a good time.
“We also opened for the Rolling Stones at Wembley Stadium. That was quite a lot of fun. I have always been a big fan of Mick Jagger.
“On another note, growing my hair. I quite like growing my hair that is a big highlight!” he jokes.
If you want to see The Charlatans live on stage they will be touring Australia from November 11th – 15th 2010.