Tips and Tricks for Effective Home Working

Tips and Tricks for Effective Home Working

We’re all looking to be more effective and more productive in our work, and now that our spare rooms have become our new offices there are new challenges to face and different things to think about when maximising productivity at home. Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks that will help you to be effective when working from home.

1. Don’t Multitask 

Although trying to order your shopping, tend to the children and do your work all at the same time might seem like a time busting idea, you will be much more effective if you keep your mind solely on the task at hand.

2. Listen to Music as you Work 

Background music, especially instrumental music and binaural beats can help you to maintain concentration and motivation as you work. 

3. Buy a Comfortable Office Chair 

An ergonomically designed chair that offers back and neck support is a vital tool when it comes to effective home working, there is a lovely range of chairs from Office Reality

4. Clear your Desk at the End of Each Day 

Starting your day with a desk cluttered with yesterday’s work is unlikely to get you off to a good start. Put your tools and resources away at the end of each day so that you have a clean slate each morning. 

5. Get More Storage 

Filing cabinets, drawers and desktop files and boxes will help you to keep your paperwork in order and make your work more effective. 

6. Buy a new Desk 

When working from home over a long period of time it is important to have a desk that suits your needs. Select a desk that fits the space you have well and also offers a large surface area. Think about the legs, the shape and way in which the desk will fit with your office chair. 

7. Declutter your Desk 

Stand back and consider what you actually need on your desk. Clutter causes frustration and puts you in a mood that prevents effective home working. 8. Add a cushion A cushion on your office chair can add an extra level of comfort and support as you sit for prolonged periods of time. 

8. Log out of your SM Accounts 

Social Media can be a huge time-sucking distraction and checking your accounts will lead to a lack of effectiveness when it comes to home working. Log out of your accounts so that you are at a psychological distance from the distraction. 

9. Establish a Routine 

Get up at the same time each day, take scheduled breaks and stick to your finishing time. 

10. Use a Chair Mat 

A good office chair should move around with ease when you want it to and stay stationary when you want it to. However, you should also consider protecting the flooring beneath your chair with a chair mat. 

11. Use a Monitor Arm 

Position your monitor at the correct height in comparison to your office chair by using a monitor arm. A monitor arm also negates the need for a monitor stand and so keeps your desk tidy. 

12. Buy a Waste Paper Bin 

Balled up paper on your desk will not help you to work in the most effective way. Place a waste paper bin beneath your desk and dispose of waste paper immediately and easily.