Tips for Buying a High-Quality Pumpkin Seed Oil

Tips for Buying a High-Quality Pumpkin Seed Oil

Fats and oils are among the essential nutrients needed by the human body for healthy functioning. Pumpkin oil, for instance, comes with numerous health benefits despite not being so common. It is said to help improve mental health, as well as urinary, cardiovascular, and hair health. Pumpkin seeds are also believed to help improve libido and sexual function in both men and women. 

Nonetheless, you will want to get superior quality pumpkin oil if at all you are to rip maximum gains from it.

Here are some tips you can use to ensure you are getting a high-quality product from the shelves.

1. Manufacturer Reputation 

Derived from the seeds of the pumpkin, this oil is a culinary specialty and common ingredient in many dishes as a salad dressing. The folks at highlight its use in deserts, where it gives a nutty taste to ordinary vanilla ice cream. They add the seed oil quality is determined by the seed quality. When produced by an experienced manufacturer, finer seeds often produce superior quality pumpkin seed oil.

2. Check the Label 

Once you identify a reputed manufacturer, it is best to identify legitimate sources where you get their products online or offline. Since you may come across the product at the mall, it pays to check that the label bears the PGI seal. PGI stands for protected geographical indication, a seal often used in European food safety and quality schemes. It indicates that the product is regulated or has followed the required processes to meet the standard quality threshold.

3. Ascertain the Color and Consistency

Let’s say you walked into a grocery store and bought milk. What would be your reaction when you reached home and poured the milk into a glass, only to find that it’s yellow in color? Spoilt, modified, flavored, or fermented? Some of you may even think they need glasses!

Well, quality pumpkin seed oil should be deep green in color. The oil usually has a red shimmer when held against the light. It has a definite viscosity and a tough texture. It shouldn’t be bitter unless the roasting was overdone. If the pumpkin seed oil is reddish-brown or yellowish, it must have been exposed to excessive heat, which impacts quality.

Tips for Buying a High-Quality Pumpkin Seed Oil

4. A Nutty Aroma

Another popular way to tell if pumpkin seed oil is of good quality is through smelling it. It should have a nutty aroma depending on the type of pumpkin seeds used and the duration of roasting. The aromas may sometimes vary because different millers have different secret recipes. However, the main idea is to look for that nutty feel using your cilia or smell receptors.

5. Check Reviews Online 

Especially if you are buying pumpkin seed oil for the first time, some research beforehand won’t hurt. While at it, consider looking through reviews online to find out what people are saying about a particular bottle before buying it. This can help bring you an inch closer to finding the best pumpkin oil on the market.

The numerous benefits of pumpkin seed oil need not be overemphasized. It can help as hair or skincare products, despite being commonly used in kitchen desserts. Many people use it for various health reasons. Some of these include boosting heart health, prostate health, menopause, and mental wellness. If you are in the market for a quality product, you may find the above few tips helpful.