Tips For Planning A Gap Year In Australia

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Make your gap year in Australia better than everyone else’s.

Australia is a pretty awesome country. In fact, it’s incredible. You can do most of everything you can think of there, from scuba diving to skiing, jungle trekking to desert hiking; it’s pretty much got it all. If you’ve made the wise decision to spend your gap year here well then ‘good on ya, mate’ as the Aussies would say. Whilst the thought of organising a whole year of your life can be daunting, the preparation will be well worth it when it comes to making the most of your time. Here are some of your top planning tips for your gap year down under.

Work out your budget.

This is probably the most important part as it will allow you to loosely work out how much you can spend per week/month and therefore where you can go and what you can do.

Make a list of must-sees.

These are your priority. It’s easy to get caught up with other travellers and lose valuable time but this way you’ll keep on track.

Make something of an itinerary.

Plan a rough route that will incorporate your must-see/dos in a way that will be efficient in terms of time and money.

Understand the scale of the country.

It’s a common mistake to assume travelling from one place to another will take a few hours. It won’t, especially if you’re taking buses!

Take care of the essentials.

Luckily in Australia you don’t need to worry about multiple visas or vaccinations. You will however need a valid passport, health and travel insurance. You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget such important things so make sure you’re prepared.

Prepare for your plan to go wrong.

Because it will, even if it’s only staying somewhere longer than expected or missing a bus. You need to be able to take it in your stride.

Get excited!

The most important part of it all! Even though it may seem like you have a lot of decisions to make, at the end of the day an entire continent full of amazing adventures is open to you. You shouldn’t go too far wrong if you’ve got a some sense and a good attitude!

Plan your gap year in Australia now.


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